Event recordings now require cam plus?

since when do we have to pay for cam plus to view events? ive been a wyze user for 3 years and now all of the sudden i cant view events without cam plus, now worried what else they will end without getting cam plus

What camera model are you talking about?

Most camera models allow you to still get events for free, sign up for Cam Plus Lite and select the FREE option. Everything will continue to work the same as it always has, with the added benefit that you can now also have free person detection IF you want it and choose to turn it on (you don’t have to):

The V3 Pro doesn’t support Cam Plus Lite, but it’s not really needed. It does person detection locally on the camera, and you can link to view all the events directly on the SD card.


I have v3. Agent from chat said change started in 2022. Even though this started yesterday. However i don’t think she was understanding me.

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It is odd that you were getting any videos in the Events Tab without CamPlus. That change occured back in March 2022:

Cams without subscriptions:

  • Thumbnail Snapshot upload only
  • 5 Minute Cooldown between uploads
  • Motion Detection only, no AI

Cams with CamPlus Lite:

  • 12s Video upload
  • 5 minute Cooldown between uploads
  • Motion detection and Person Detection

Cams with CamPlus:

  • Full length Video Uploads
  • Back to Back video, no Cooldown
  • Motion detection and full AI detection

Here is a topic that covered the change back in March: