12 second video BS

This charging for cloud devices are BS! Have to jump thru all kinds hoops to get the original service I bought years ago! Wyze is getting to be more of a scam yearly. I just wanted a cheap home monitoring set up. Why should I have to deal with this? Isn’t there enough crap happening all around? And now I have to worry about my home security!


Couldn’t have said it better. This was first advertised as a free service, just buy the camera.


You don’t have to pay for cam plus lite. There is a free option.


Just put it back to the way it was please.

This sucks.

Now I don’t even have a still frame after signing up and assigning my camera. I just have a prompt to sign up.

This new software is frustrating and [Mod Edit]

Fire whoever dreamed up this nightmare

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I liked these camera’s in the beginning so bought the doorbell cam and about eight others. Now I can’t get the 12 second videos, the programing method is aggravating and wyze wants us to pay extra for what we had for over a year… Seems like there is software glitches weekly.


How do I get the free option?

Click custom amount and enter 0

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Thank you - I have been able to activate Camera Lite +

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It’s free until they change their mind and start charging.

Yeah, but I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to reactivate it.

This is indeed complete BS, The thumbnail is broken, only showing a default icon and ads, and I can’t sign up for lite because it doesn’t exist anywhere Wyze said it should be.

I found it by going to the Wyze website, selecting services, logged in, and it was under cam plus lite.