Why no more 12 sec. videos?

We have about half a dozen WYZE cameras in the house and a doorbell. We used to get 12 sec. videos when any of the cameras caught something. Now we get a still shot and “Try Cam Plus for Free” Free Trial!!!
No Thanks, but how about giving us back the 12 sec. videos? I feel like we’re being forced into paying for a plan (or plans) or you take away what we had. It feels like VERY pushy marketing and I don’t like it.

There appears to be one annual unassigned license. I don’t even want that if it means we lose the 12 second videos on the other cameras.

You can still get your 12 second video’s by signing up for Cam Plus Lite at Name your Price. You can Subscribe for $0.

Go here:

Cam Plus - Get 14-day Cloud Storage & Unlimited Video Recording - Wyze.

then scroll down to Key Features and scroll to the bottom of the Cam Plus Lite column and click on Name Your Price.

Here is a thread which talks about it:


Here we go again. LOL


Thanks, Spamoni. Done and done!


I also lost my 12 second videos! I’m a legacy customer as well - having purchased multiple cameras in 2019! Why the bait and switch all of a sudden? I had already chose my “pay your price” for each camera back when they first asked us to do that….I chose $0 (zero) of course……This is really scam-like. I’ll call customer service again but this is my 3rd time dealing with this issue! Any advice from original users? Thank you!


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Emailed you. Check your spam folder…?

So, like, is this an intentional change I can’t find any info on anywhere except two forum threads? Beginning 3 days ago, I also no longer get cloud clips for no reason, and have had cam plus lite for years.

Disgustingly, the app now says to use this feature, I need to assign Cam Plus to this camera on the services page. No, I don’t. I have Cam plus lite, unless you’re screwing us over and taking away what has been promised to legacy users from the beginning.

What’s especially hilarious nonsense is my second backyard camera, continues to get cloud videos just fine.

Resubbing cam plus lite just in case, unfortunately did nothing to resolve the issues. Is there a solution for this serious bug I’m not seeing? Scoured everywhere.

The number of issues with Wyze app & cams in the past year has been crazy… really hope there’s a focus on stability this year.

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