Wyze events now permanently stuck on images, not videos

My Wyze App spontaneously adjusted itself to take images instead of 12-sec videos for events.

It won’t let me switch back to event videos in settings unless I upgrade my subscription.

This wasn’t the agreement when I bought the camera, and I am already donating a small amount every month through Paypal.

It is pretty creepy selling the cameras on the basis that no subscription is necessary, then rendering them useless until a subscription is extorted from the customer.

Please correct this, or I will end the relationship with Wyze.

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See the below resources, they should aid you in getting your 12 second videos back.

How to Keep Your Cloud Video Recordings Free with Cam Plus Lite

Textual version on the Wyze website:

Cam Plus Lite Getting Started


Thanks … I will look and report back.

Sorry, while I was able to restore the 12-sec videos, the instruction video is deeply dishonest about what actually transpired. Altruism and clarity had nothing to do with the company’s approach here. It was about extortion.

Yes, some weeks ago Wyze made clear that it would disable 12-sec videos unless one signed up for Cam plus lite. Fair enough, so I did. I chipped in a little money each month, too, even though the cameras were sold on the promise that I would have free access to 12-sec event videos.


  • At the time I signed up, there was no indication that the user then had to go in and “add cameras” deep in the settings system, after dodging a bunch of deceptive ads for the $20 a year Cam Plus that made it seem mandatory.

  • When the 12-sec videos were disabled, the Wyze app provided no real instructions (other than signing up for the full Cam Plus) for turning them back on within Cam Plus Lite. In fact the only instructions led the user into a dead end that could only be escaped by signing up for the full Cam Plus at $20/year per camera.

The whole affair cost me several hours. I now regret investing in these cameras, and to reward Wyze for its appalling perfidy, I have adjusted my Cam Plus Lite donation downward, and I will not be purchasing any more Wyze hardware lest I am once again subject to extortion and manipulation.