Wyze cams stopped recordings after Cam Plus trial

Hi All,

I have all Wyze cams versions (V1, V2, V3 and Pan).
Couple weeks ago, when I installed my Wyze Cam V3, it offered Cam+ (automatically) and ended after two weeks.
However, none of my Wyze cams are now recording the 12 seconds (free cloud recordings) which was working before the Cam+ offering.
When accessing the recording and events calendar, it says “nothing to see here”.
Notifications and motion detections work as expected.

  1. Does Wyze stop support/allow 12 seconds free recordings?
  2. If that is not true, how do I go about to get the free recordings working again?

Thank you.

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Wyze does still offer the 12 second recordings like it always has. I would check and make sure none of the filters are selected on the event page and if everything is ok there try rebooting the cameras.

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Thanks Jason21271,

I checked all that before posting.
Not sure what else could cause this.

Just thought I’d add, I’m having a similar issue. Did yours resolve? I feel like the server’s down, because up until now I could go back, now no new clips, and every date says “Nothing to see here.”

Filters are fine, restarted cameras, checked firmware and app updates.

Same here, there were previous events that I was looking at yesterday but now it’s ‘Nothing to see’ for the whole week, must be server issue.

No, I still can’t see any event.
Contacted Wyze support but no response from them yet.

I’ve checked all my settings, restarted the app and so on. I also am not getting the 12 sec event recordings after the trial period.

I meant to post yesterday, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it fixed it.

Ta-Da! Thanks, I haven’t uninstalled and reinstalled for a few days. I just did it and all is well! Thanks for the reminder!

Wow… I can’t believe it… it works right after the Uninstalled/Reinstalled.

I was on chat with Wyze’s Support for almost an hour troubleshooting and still couldn’t fix it.

Great community support here!


Peter Nguyen

Glad it helped