My Wyze Cam V3 will only save images, won't let me change to VIdeo

I’ve had a Wyze Cam v3 since Dec 2021. I used it in a basic configurations, saving short videos locally when an event is detected. A couple of weeks ago it stopped creating videos and now only saves images. When I go to Event Recording and select Video it tries to force me to buy a subscription in order to create videos. I’m unable to turn on video recording otherwise. I don’t want to buy a subscription, just continue to create short videos stored on the device.

I’ve updated firmware on the Cam, updated the Android app. Any other tips? It feels like the local device storage is full but I’d understood that it would just start to delete old events in that case.

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This was announced several times via email and forum posts and in the app since the beginning of the year. You can subscribe to cam plus lite for free using the custom amount option on the services section of the Wyze website.

There are a lot of forum posts about this as well.


While the video above does restore the 12-sec videos, it is deeply dishonest about what actually transpired. Altruism and clarity had nothing to do with the company’s approach here. It was about extortion.

Yes, some weeks ago Wyze made clear that it would disable 12-sec videos unless one signed up for Cam plus lite. Fair enough, so I did. I chipped in a little money each month, too, even though the cameras were sold on the promise that I would have free access to 12-sec event videos.


  • At the time I signed up, there was no indication that the user then had to go in and “add cameras” deep in the settings system, after dodging a bunch of deceptive ads for the $20 a year Cam Plus that made it seem mandatory.

  • When the 12-sec videos were disabled, the Wyze app provided no real instructions (other than signing up for the full Cam Plus) for turning them back on within Cam Plus Lite. In fact the only instructions led the user into a dead end that could only be escaped by signing up for the full Cam Plus at $20/year per camera.

The whole affair cost me several hours. I now regret investing in these cameras, and to reward Wyze for its appalling perfidy, I have adjusted my Cam Plus Lite donation downward, and I will not be purchasing any more Wyze hardware lest I am once again subject to extortion and manipulation.

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Thanks. I saw that. However, the option I want is not the one that includes cloud storage (and hence costs Wyze cloud storage fees). I just want the option to save the files locally like I used to have.

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Everything in the events tab has always been cloud recordings and storage. Nothing is saved locally on the cam since it doesn’t have any internal storage (unless you have an SD card in the camera which is accessed by viewing playback), and nothing is saved locally on your viewing device until you dowload it to the device either from the cloud event recording or from your SD card in the camera.

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I was truly blindsided and didn’t choose to “Upgrade”. Now my App no longer shows me the 12 second events. I am grateful that I only invested in 3 cameras and I will be replacing them with ones from someone else. I see this whole issue as extortion as well. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

You can restore the 12-sec videos without upgrading. In between the lies about how hard the company tried to inform everyone, the video above does walk you through it. It’s a 10- or 15-minute process to sign up for Cam Plus Lite, dodge all the deceptive advertising, and find the hidden links you need to “add cameras” that worked fine two weeks ago. The company obviously doesn’t care about ethical appearances, and it knows it will lose some people through attrition. But it has gambled that enough suckers will believe Cam Plus is mandatory to make the sacrifice in goodwill worth it.

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You’re right. It’s ironic that a company that sells security cameras is involved such deceptive and dishonest practices.