Forcing to pay for Video of events

Hi Wyze, I purchased 5 Wyze cameras over 2 years ago which included a benefit to access event videos, this is why I purchased these cameras, now I find out i do not have access to videos any longer and they want me to pay $1.67 per camera per month?? I am not sure what Wyze is doing to old grand fathered customers that purchased video review events and then it is take away? This is not good business when you offer a service from a purchase then take it away then force the customer to pay for it? I would like my video access at no charge since that was why I purchased your cameras. I will be looking forward to your prompt reply-Lou Tager

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Your “free” access underwent a service name change to Cam Plus Lite over a year ago. To regain your access for whatever price you wish to pay, including $0.00, please read this how-to and watch the video:


I think we can watch for a follow up post to your comment. It will be from Roseanne Roseannadanna and be something like “Never mind”.


This is the new normal. I was watching a show about this last night. They suck you in with free cloud service and then they have to charge you to get what you originally bought your device for and got for free. And I’m not talking about free monthly trials. Basically anything we buy now we don’t own because you have to have a service actually use it to where it’s useful to us the customer.