I Was At The Ground Floor When Wyze Cam Launched But Now?

Dear Wyze,
I am aware that your product costs money to operate. However, when I bought into your system it was with the understanding that your system would capture a 15-second recording, save it to a cloud, and allow me to access those recordings for free. That was the system that I bought into. Now I understand that it costs the company money to store these recordings, however, this was not what was promised to me as a customer who bought your first version camera and the V2 camera. Your company should at least honor the agreement and terms that we ground floor people bought into. I understand that the service is cheap. I get that. However, those who got your company off the ground and bought your products which helped get your company off the ground should at least get the 15-second recording service that was promised us when we bought into your company.

This topic has been rehashed over and over on this board. Guess what? Wyze still does this; all V1/V2/V3 recordings are still free. Nothing has changed.

As for the new models, they never promised anything like that. That thing you cited is only for the stated cameras.

I’m no Wyze apologist. I hate the bugs and seemingly untested releases, but the thing you’re complaining about isn’t true.


Free 12 second cloud events are still available for every camera that has ever had it. Go sign up for Cam Plus Lite, select to pay a custom amount and enter $0/mo. Now you not only get to keep cloud events for free On every single camera model that has ever had free Cloud events, but you also get person detection for free now too.

Nothing lost.