Wyze can FORCING monthly fee

Either stop nagging me about paying a monthly fee or return my $$. I am sick of being bagged
I will purchase NO other Wyze products if this continues


@bittersgm, welcome to the community!

This is a community of fellow Wyze users helping each other expand their experience and solve problems. Wyze support is not monitoring threads although some Wyze Team members do post here to help us out.

I do understand your frustration with the most recent rollout of the 4 tier plan. But, you are not alone and you are not being forced to pay and subscribe. There is a way to keep what you had previously without paying for a subscription… You just have to set it up.

If you share a bit about what is in your Wyze setup, what service level you had, and what you want out of it, there are some real geniuses in here who can help. I hope I can.:blush:


I have a Cam Pan
Would like to keep the same features I have today, approx 15 sec event recording

You have to do a little fancy footwork to dodge the guilt and still get it for free.

Some good screenshots:

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You can do that. But you must migrate your cams over to CamPlus Lite. You can do it for free on the website. Here is a post that will show how to do it. Post back to update us on your progress. Good luck!

If I just want to access the recording that is on the SD card in the camera, why should I have to pay for anything or subscribe to anything? I am not asking to see something out of the cloud…


Doug, if you just want to access the SD Card recordings, you do not need any subscription for that so long as your cam(s) support it and your SD is configured properly.

What kind of cams are you using? That is important.

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You don’t. SD recording hasn’t changed. It’s accessible on the View Playback timeline for the cameras just as it always has. As @SlabSlayer implied, the Wyze Cam Outdoor model is another story.

InkMing - When you access the recordings on the SD card in your camera, do you use the Events tab at the bottom of the main/Home screen of your app? If not, how do you access the recordings on the SD card? We’re all just trying to help you.

I press View playback at bottom of the screen

Got it all sorted out now. But I was having some cameras having to ask for a subscription and other ones showing events. Also saw the post about the Cam Lite script and followed through that. Thanks!!

:sunglasses: Awesome! So glad it worked! Thought they might have fiddled with the UI since the updates just to mess with our minds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: