Snapshots instead of videos

I have bought over the years easily 16 v3 cam, at least the same amount of v2 cam, 4 to 6 cam pan, 3 outdoor cam, an incredible amount of wifi plug, light bulbs, sensors, headphone, scales, band. You name it…
What I didn’t buy or subscribe to is Cam +! Because I’m not interested!
Why is Wyze suddenly preventing me from seeing 12 secondes videos every so often (which I was very happy with) and replacing it with snapshots photos. Isn’t the basic idea of a video camera is to record videos not to take snapshots.
All my cameras have a 32g micro so card inserted!
What kind of policy is this?
“Hey you know what… you bought plenty of our products but now unless you pay us more money you can’t use them!”
Is anybody else having similar issues?
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Read this. The policy was announced numerous times starting 1/11/22. Just get Cam Plus lite.

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Your use of SD cards hasn’t been affected, those are still found where they always have been.

The events tab shows cloud recordings, and that’s what changed.

You can subscribe to cam plus lite for free, (name your price).

Why should I get it? Cam plus lite is a contract, whatever the price you pay the day you subscribe to it you give up something that was initially part of the package when you bought the device. 1/Changes of policies should affect only the devices you buy after it and not the devices you had before
2/ A change of policy isn’t necessarily legal. If it was so easy Lawyers would starve!
3/ I bought over a long period of time some security devices (more than 30 cam) that today offer me much less security than the day I bought them because it has bit by bit been eaten away. The company who made and sold them is telling me “you have to pay/subscribe to get that level of service back”. Hum… isn’t that some kind of ransom? I’m wondering!
4/ If tomorrow Wyze decide by changing policy to charge you for the light switch you installed in your home, or the wifi plug or the scale, will it be ok? “ hey you know what you paid it, but unless you subscribe to our services you’ll only be able to activate the switch once a week”!
So the minute you subscribe to Cam+ or else even by naming your price, you’re giving up on something that was even better! Subscribing makes you agree to new conditions. This is why you can name your price!

If you want to keep cloud recording, you subscribe.

If not, then don’t subscribe. It’s pretty simple. Just use your SD recordings.

There was already verbiage, I believe, in the original agreement that changes could be made. Almost all companies have those lines in their services and terms of use because costs increase over time and sometimes above and beyond what was projected.

Honestly, would you rather have to subscribe, for free, or risk all your cams being defunct because wyze went out of business?

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May be I’m getting old or my brain is not functioning at its best but I don’t see a free offer. It’s $1.99 a month per cam or $19.99 a year per cam. For me that would be close $700 a year at the best, that’s the price of of two extremely sophisticated security cameras white no link (subscription) attached.
As I said all my cam have a 32g memory card, I never asked for a cloud service, it was there. The cams are in or outside my home, use my wifi network to register events. I don’t need the video of a squirrel stealing in the bird feeder to go in the cloud, I’m happy to lower Wyze cloud cost by keeping my videos locally.
Now be so kind to explain to me in detail how you do that, I have for example about 5 cam monitoring my 300ft driveway and today despite my car going down and up twice today there is absolutely nothing on any memory card!
The main I’m saying here is that the freedom initially offered by Wyze that was a tiny and unknown startup, that freedom that attracted us because at the time it was better than competitive offers has be slowly taken away, limiting video to 12s, 4mn waiting time between recording, now only snapshots, and what tomorrow? Despite the policies it can’t be totally right!
As I said before, is that ok if tomorrow Wyze decide through new policies to charge us for the wifi switch in our home?
To answer your question, I’m ready to throw away not to sell or give all my Wyze cam in the next weeks if I can’t monitor my home only with it. If the freedom is gone why keep it?

Come on! Nobody’s shooting the messenger here!

Cam Plus Lite has the option for custom amount, just type in $0.00 like I did. :grinning:

Go to the services section on wyze website. Scroll to the option for cam plus lite.

The options you describe are for cam plus. There are 3 tiers cam plus lite, cam plus, and cam plus pro.

Here’s what you should see once you get to cam plus lite;

Selct No


nondi - If you decide to get rid of all your Wyze cams, I would be happy to pay for shipping from your house to my house. Seriously. I need some more of these cams. Thanks in advance.

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