Playback and Freezing Issues

Over the last several days my cameras have been having playback and freezing issues. So I’m seeing are videos that show on the Events page as being say 20 seconds yet when I open it up it’s just a still shot. And numerous times it will show the video as being a few minutes long yet they’re actually only a few seconds long. Also now lately the videos just freeze for a few seconds and I can’t close them or even swipe out of the app. Not sure if this is an iOS thing or what but I’m using an iPhone 13 Mini running iOS 17.2.1 and don’t remember the Wyze app freezing when I first updated to this Apple firmware.

I should also add that often now a thumbnail picture on the Events page of a recorded video, for instance show a vehicle. But when I play the video there is no vehicle as if it cut that part of the vide out. It happens for other video labels. This is just ridiculous and extremely frustrating!

The app freezing is getting old!

This is a daily issue now! Constant freezing of the app. Many supposed videos are just snapshots. Many videos show they are a minute or more long but end up being only around 15 seconds or so.

Wyze, fix this crap!

Log #1274198

Can someone at Wyze check into why my camera records video yet isn’t loading it to view and only shows a still shot.

I have way more logs…#1274648. It just doesn’t stop! And just now not one recording I try to play will open up. Come on Wyze!