iOS App Freezing Issue

Please Wyze when are you going to fix the app freezing issue that happens on iOS devices?! It seems to be happening more frequently now, at least 4 times a day, which is beyond annoying when I have close to 100 videos to review. When it happens I can either wait it out or close the app and start it back up, either way takes about the same amount of time.

I had someone who has had this problem really bad for more than a year recently tell me that they are seeing a huge improvement on the Wyze App ver3.0. So hopefully you’ll see some improvements when it launches to public production.

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I am on iOS and my app has maybe frozen twice in two years of use on both iPhone 11 and iPad 5th Gen, iOS 17.5.1 and iOS 16.7.8. :thinking:

Well, then you are lucky. My iPhone 13 Mini running iOS 17.5.1 has the issue daily, numerous times. I use the app a lot due to the amount of event recordings I get from 10 cameras.

Not saying that it’s Wyze or not, I just wonder why? I have my iPad on my desk live streaming four cameras, two at home and two at the cottage, for at least ten hours a day. I get notifications on my iPhone constantly and both apps production and beta have been rock solid for me.

I don’t know the threshold or the full details of what contributes to this issue, but it is my understanding that it becomes more prevalent with the more total devices a person has. The vast majority of people who have a TON of Wyze devices have this issue on the iOS app, but some people with a moderate number of devices also experience the issue, but some do not. It SEEMS to be related to memory handling with the device list in the iOS app in some way.

I haven’t noticed the app freezing when watching a live feed, it seems to be more often when watching recorded events.