App keeps freezing

Anyone know what’s going on with the wyze app on iOS? Did the most recent update and the apps takes forever to load if at all. Once you do get in everything freezes again. Open the bulbs and color selection and power are froze, want to select a cam to view? Also froze

Cam v1. Cam v3. Color bulbs. Outdoor outlets


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I have had this happen before on IOS. Delete and reinstall the app. Let me know if that resolves it!

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I’ve a WCO v2 that caused the Beta App to lock up multiple times, presenting a “App crashed, do you want to send a log”, which I sent twice.

I opted out of the Beta, issue still occurring,

I deleted the Wyze App (Non Beta), reinstalled the Non Beta.

I don’t appear to be locking up anymore, but, my WCO v2 is still triggering one of my Rules when I rotate the iPhone 12 Pro Max while viewing that camera.

I’ll open a new thread on that issue.


Having a similar issue with the two newest versions of the app. 2.36.0 (14) and tried 2.37.0 (12). Both lock up the phone when trying ti view in landscape (full screen) view. This is on iOS 15.7 on two phones and 16.1 on another.

Sent several log files and spoke to support and they confirmed it is an issue but they do not know at this time what is causing it and have no fix for it.

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Log 808208