iOS Wyze App crashes and locks

At least 3-4 times a week when I try to access a camera on the iOS Wyze app it locks up my iPhone and I have to completely restart. I’m running the latest iOS update on my phone (13.4.1) and also the latest Wyze app update. Anyone else experiencing this? Any resolution?

The problems i have experienced are more related to things like:

  1. app decides there is no SD card in my camera when there is, on playback feature. Switching away and back will fix it.
  2. Switching between groups or cameras, or switching from playback to live, the app will get stuck on re-authenticating to the camera. Switching away from the live view on that camera and then back again, it will reconnect.

Exact same issue with my iPhone XR running the most current OS. I’ll be checking cameras and suddenly it locks up HARD. Nothing works - I can’t even re-boot the phone. It seems to clear itself eventually, but we’re talking sometimes HOURS after the lock-up. There’s a glitch somewhere.