Wyze cameras Locking up

I have 4 Wyze cameras and use them with the Wyze App. I have them in a group showing all 4 in landscape mode. After a hour or so, the cameras seem to lock up. They look like they are working but when I check the time stamp, it is not updating. I have to close app completely and then restart to get them to connect again. This started happening a week or so ago. Any ideas why?

Yea, mine are in a Group, so I can see all in Live View at once.

About 70% of the time, not all all “sync” and display. For example, at 6am to 7am, all show running video. But then later in the morning and afternoon, not all will show video. Must be sun flares affecting them.

It’s very sporadic for us - never consistent.

I’ve considered using something like TinyCam to see if it makes a difference, but I suspect the issue is with the cameras’ ability to reliably connect to the network.

We shrug our shoulders with the reliability of these, cause we only use them for entertainment purposes.