Frozen screens

Okay, Okay, call off the dogs. A simple reboot of my iPhone solved the issue but Man Oh Man what a weird set of events.

Sorry for the false alarm. Burp the baby first which is what I should’ve done before I panicked


Is anyone having issues with their cameras? Mine are all displaying frozen images.

I have powered cycled via the app but it reboots to the same frozen screen.

Two screen shots. The B+W is what I’m seeing in live view. The color was a recorded

Definitely something weird is going on. All cameras now have a screen from a particular time today and will not give you a live view. But if you record, it shows what you would normally see.

??? What is going on?

From your first image, looks like you have the IR illuminators turned on and are looking through a window. Turn off the IR illuminators.

Well, interestingly enough, they were turned on but as I started pressing the appropriate button on my iPhone to turn them off, I could here the camera making clicking noises (which is usual) but all I ever saw was that screen.
I have 4 camera and all fo them had the same issue. Very strange.
It wasn’t until I realized after rebooting the one camera that maybe it was the Wyze app and upon rebooting my iPhone it all came back to life. I’ve never had any issues with my Wyze gear and I was an early adopter. Sure there were about three clunker cameras that were dead on arrival but those were v1’s and Wyze promptly replaced them. This was just a very strange occurance.

How long are you waiting for the live stream to start up? It’s very typical to take 5 or 10 seconds to negotiate through the Wyze servers and let them do all the necessary handshaky stuff to get your cam streaming to your playback device. Wyze doesn’t middle-man streams cuz that’s $$$. And I’m constantly being startled by seeing people in the driveway and at the door, etc etc, because Wyze seems to have made a choice to use the last recorded event as the live view thumbnail until the actual live stream is available.

Livestream is about 3 secs later. I fixed this. It was the Wyze app all long. I’ve just never seen it give false information before.
Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

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You “fixed” it? What did you have to do, cuz I’d love to cut down on all those jump scares :laughing: