OUtdoor Cam v2 - stuck on same image but shows connection

Hi - I have been testing an Outdoor Cam V2 for last week up at island cottage. As my luck would have it, shortly after leaving the cottage for week, i can’t get the Cam to display a live image. It authenticates, connects etc in the app as per usual but the screen is stuck on old image and the data stream is at “0 kbs”. i leave it here for a few minutes and still nothing.

I am a bit stuck b/c i cannot physically reset the base or the camera. Anything i can try remotely or am i screwed until i can get back to the camera?

Are you able to get any data through at all? If you lower the resolution to 360p does it start streaming? How long do you wait before giving up? What’s your internet speed (up and down) at the cottage and your phone?

Super interesting - i used my daughters older iphone which runs an older version of Wyze App 2.29 and it works fine. My iphone runs Wyze App 2.34.0 and is enrolled in beta program. Definitely something up on the app side which is good news in my opinion. Any way i can downgrade app on my phone?

I also cleared cache on my phone and still no luck. Also did a complete uninstall reinstall of app and still stuck on same image. I’ve left the app open for upto few minutes and the image doesn’t move. Bizarre!

Are both phones on the same network?

Yes both phones on same wifi… same issue persists if my phone is on 5g or wifi. Seems to be the app has a bug

Could you try on non beta app? Install the wyze app via the app store, and see if issue persists.

I just left Beta program, uninstalled Wyze App and went back into Apple App Store and reinstalled… it gave me the same version number so not sure what to do here. Clearly A big as the v3 CAMs i have are working great

Well my daughters phone got the updated Wyze app (2.34) and it too is now frozen on an old image. Wyze team please fix this bug in the app!!

Is there anything I can do to downgrade the IOS app? Feeling really stuck right now with this app bug across all our pho es