Cam Plus video recording time

I thought when you paid for the Cam Plus subscription you got more than 20 second video recording? I am getting 20-30 second recordings and then it stops when activity is still happening. Can anyone verify that you get longer record time?

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Welcome to the User Community Forum @bargainhunter61241!

Generally, the videos are full length up to 5 minutes with no cooldown on CamPlus. However there are some instances with specific cams that do currently have an affect on that video length depending on some of your user settings and the version of the firmware installed.

Please post the model of the cam and the firmware version for the cam exhibiting this behavior.


And in addition to @SlabSlayer s questions, what are your sensitivity settings for the camera? If your sensitivity settings are low, there may still be motion in frame just not enough to break the threshold of your sensitivity settings. After you tell us what your sensitivity settings are, for troubleshooting I would max them out at 100 to see all that the camera can record with cam plus. Once you get a good baseline of what the 100 sensitivity setting gets you I would back off from there to find a sweet spot of your liking.