Cam plus don´t record videos longer than 12 seconds (wyze OG)

I bought my first og camera and with the cam plus free trial I could see 15 second blocks of video, but a few days ago I bought a second og camera and when I installed it I contracted the cam plus plan for the second camera.
but now neither the first nor the second camera record more than 12 seconds.
I have noticed today when I want to see the video of a robbery, the entire image is cut off and I am very upset that this is happening.
I already restarted them and verified that they are connected to the plan, but still this problem continues.

Is the motion in the clips enough to break the threshold of your sensitivity settings? Motion needs to continue at a level over your sensitivity setti ng for the “motion” recording to continue. Say if I exit my front door, I’ll trigger my doorbell because I take up the whole FOV, but as I walk to the front yard, my silhouette will get smaller and depending on my sensitivity setting, I may not produce enough pixel change to warrant the recording to continue, even though I would still be in frame.

Do you have a SD card in the camera recording? If not, I would highly recommend because a SD card recording on continuous would of caught what the cloud event recording missed for what ever reason.

Which OG camera are you using? Looking to add the camera model as a tag to your topic.

Hello, the model is ‎WYZECGS. It’s weird because even before I bought the new camera, with my first camera I used to record blocks of 5 minutes. on sunday i installed the second og camera and that’s when the problem started.
I also don’t know if it could be the firmware update that you asked me to do on Sunday, because both cameras were updated, and just my first og camera has also had some problems when recording (the image gets stuck or skips)
today after restarting both cameras, the first at times records blocks of 5 minutes and then stops recording for up to 10 minutes. both cameras face a busy street with cars and people, so before the recording was continuous.
the second camera (the one I installed on Sunday) keeps recording in blocks of seconds

Looking at the “camioneta” camera, It appears that the shadows from the trees are what’s being detected as motion. You can see this because the green motion tagging boxes appear to be over the shadowed areas on the ground. If it’s a windy day and the leaves/branches are constantly in motion, this would continuously trigger your camera to record as the camera is picking up the pixel change of the shadows moving.

The “exterior” camera from what I can tell hits on vehicle motion in the thumbnails. It is quite high so depending on your sensitivity settings a person walking around that is kind of far from the camera might be too small to trigger the continuous motion recording.

For my garage camera I have a lot of 11 or 12 or 13 second videos in my event tab because the camera has recorded bugs flying directly in front of the camera which are illuminated and look like monsters with the camera IR lights. With the pre-roll and the post rolled buffers that are also recorded and uploaded as part of the video. The video always ends up being about 11 12 or 13 seconds. Which appears to be the length of the cam plus lite video length, but since it’s time duration is in a blue bubble I can tell it is cam plus that is recording it.

what worried me is that the videos used to be recorded in 5 minutes and now they are not. But if not, I’ll use the sd memories instead, at least that way I won’t worry about losing details. Thank you very much for your attention and support. =)

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I am curious about the screenshot images you posted.

Are those from the Events List on the Wyze Web View thru a browser?

The videos that are showing as 56m, 40m, 11m… How long are those videos? Are they really that long? What length are those showing in the App Events UI?

The reason I asked is because Cam Plus Video Uploads are capped at 5 minutes. From what I see there, something is definately not working right.

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It must be a web view bug. Note Camioneta @ 11:40 AM Length=40m 27s. Next Camioneta event is @ 11:55 AM Length 55m 46s. That would mean that event @ 11:40 overlaps event @ 11:55 which isn’t possible.

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And, if the video lengths are reporting incorrectly on those videos, there is no credibility to the length of video reporting on the other videos either.

Wondering what the App UI shows in comparison and if the potential video length error on the Web View is isolated to that one cam or if it shows a discrepancy on all cams.

Unfortunately, I can’t run a side by side comparison of my events from the two sources since I cannot reach the Web View interface.

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Yep, I’d love to see the same view of the OP’s events from the Wyze app. I ran through 14 days worth of web view comparisons on my cams and longest events are all capped at 5 minutes… web view and app show identical times. But I have no Cam OG events to compare. So I’m wondering if it’s specific to Cam OG events on web view or something else. Would love to hear back from the OP NatRM.

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