Subscriber of Cam Plus, but some Events are just 13 seconds long when motion is longer

Hello, I am a subscriber of Cam Plus, but some Events for my cameras are just 13 seconds long when motion is longer. This morning my camera logged a 13 second event for a rabbit in the yard. At the end of 13 seconds the rabbit was still there and moving. I see this often with Events. Yet other Events via Cam Plus will go as long as a minute. Just wondering why some events are 13-15 seconds long when the motion is 100% longer than that. Thanks.


Is it possible your Motion Detection Settings are set too low? I was thinking the initial motion of the rabbit was detected, but set too low to continue capturing the additional motion.

Also, could some of your cameras be assigned to Cam Plus LITE which will only capture 12 second Event Cloud videos?


I have seen the same over time. Even though I have increased the motion sensitivity for my cams, it hasn’t increased the length of my motion videos. In fact, it has decreased drastically from what I used to get several years ago. I no longer get “Full Length Videos” on Cam Plus but a bunch of back to back snipits of motion with much of the motion missed. I have discussed this with others as well. It almost feels like the Motion Sensitivity setting users input to activate a Motion Upload Video is completely unrelated to the Motion Sensitivity setting required to continue recording a video. The most probable cause is that Wyze has drastically reduced that Motion Sensitivity threshold in the firmware to reduce the length and volume of uploads and server storage. It certainly isn’t an improvement.



It’s a Cam V3. Motion Detection is set to 90. The camera is assigned to Came Plus. I double check this often with Account - Services. I’m getting more than 12 seconds. But at times just 13 seconds for example. Could be 15 seconds. But there is more motion that the camera is not recording.

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That is exactly what I believe. I have about 15 Wyze Cams. And all record funky like this. No rhyme or reason or logic to me. I have Cam Plus.

One event I’d like to get rid of is now with Summer at night, the various bug/moth in front of the camera and it appears that the dew in the night time air will trigger events.


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I’m at 25 and every cam exhibits this. I actually documented it a year or so ago. There is logic to it though. Shorter uploads, less server storage per cam, conserves storage space. A degradation in QOS nonetheless.

Solution: Install external IR floodlights. I installed 6 of them near each cam spotlighting the FOV, kept IR NV on, but disabled the IR Lights from the face of the cam. Since the IR light source is no longer emanating from the face of the cam and being reflected back like a mirror by a bug or water vapor directly in front of the lens, the smallest little thing no longer sets off the motion detection because it isn’t being lit up from the cam but from an angle to the side. I have even been able to turn on the IR NV for a V3 that is behind glass.

That would seem a possible class action lawsuit.

None of my cams are behind glass. What’s an example of an external IR floodlight? What is FOV? Kept IR NV on? All my cams are outside in the free air attached to the side of a building.

I have attached the 13sec video. Seeing it again, looks like the rabbit ended up on dirt and blended into the dirt so the camera stopped recording. I’d hope if the rabbit stayed on the green grass the recording would have gone longer.

All of my v3 cameras are behind glass and set to 90 sensitivity. I have found they do not detect small animals far away. Below is an example of the cat not being captured until it is the middle of the frame.

That is bizarre your camera won’t detect that cat. My cameras at 90 will detect a bird in your driveway.

Highly unlikely. There isn’t anything within the terms of service that identifies the threshold for stop recording. Should it wait one second, ten seconds, a tenth of a second to see if anything else moves? And, at what sensitivity? User set, 20, 70, 100? It just isn’t defined.

This is the one I use:

Field Of View. What your cams are pointing at.

I only used the V3 thru glass as an example of how much IR these things provide.

With these you would keep IR Night Vision on but turn off the cam IR lights.

The middle cam is his is my V3 thru Glass w\ IR NV on & IR Lights off. All the illumination is from the IR floodlights. The left side used to be completely dark.

Thanks. Though my plan is not to spend more money on this. I do have 2 solar powered stuck in the ground yard lights in that flower bed at night. I’ll get you a night time photo of what the camera sees in a few hours. It’s not pitch black by any means. The darkness is what your cameras are showing/seeing. I also am going to re moun the camera 10 ft further back and higher too for a better FOV and angle. I’ll add pics of how the camera is posted now. I want to move the camera higher and to the window on the left of the shed.

Could be because my cameras are aimed through double pane windows.

hmmm… everyone’s windows are double pane.

Here are pics of the camera at night. The black n white ones I think Night Vision condition Dusk or Dark. The color pic is night vision mode auto so NIght VisionIR lights off. Hope this helps. I will move the camera in a couple of days to a higher position.

On a side note, I am noticing 2 of my cameras I have had to re start to get them to log events… Odd…

I have the same problem, often just 7 second clips, ending the recording when there is still motion. Or if someone even hesitates for a second the recording stops, but that’s not accounting for how people or animals or anything threatening actually moves. Feel like there should at least be a 10-12 second cushion at the end of movement to allow for recording of someone that continues moving. If recordings don’t capture all the movement, how is it helping to protect me from dangerous activity on my property?


I am curious. The three shots you provided are the same cam two minutes apart. Shot #1 is phenomenal lighting quality w\ IR Night Vision on. Shot #3 is also IR Night Vision on, but a much darker image.

So, what was the difference in the settings between #1 and #3? IR lights off \ on? Near vs Far?

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Thanks. Let me do it again tonight and actually write down the setting for each photo. I’m an idiot and don’t remember exactly what switches I was turning off for the black and white photos.

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I’ve been just forgetting on this about adding screen shots.

Though still getting the 13 seconds of video when the motion continues longer.

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I have this issue as well. Incredibly frustrating. I use my cam to kointor my cat’s litter box habits, and it always misses them actually using the boxes now. It’ll record everything before and after though :roll_eyes: wish I could post a screenshot of my event logs, it’s ridiculous.


I’ve had similar experiences. The activity sensitivity is set high, it catches every snowflake, raindrop or bug that passes in front of the camera, but yesterday showed a car pull up in front of my house, the door opened, the video clip ended. The next sequential clip shows the car driving away. I missed the entire action of whoever got out of the car in front of my house, or what they did. This is not good!