Length of videos for cam 2 with license?

My videos aren’t playing any longer than 14 seconds even though there is activity or motion…slight, but does that make a difference? And many times it does not pick up a rabbit coming down my driveway and stopping to eat… Why not? I saw it out my window but cam 2 did not pick it up. Any suggestions?
Low level tech person, but can usually follow step by step instructions.

What is your cam sensitivity setting?

Do you have a Detection Zone set?

I will assume that, since you are getting 14s videos, that you have CamPlus on this cam.

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Also, you tagged this as a cam black, but said it’s a cam 2. What is the model number of the cam (cams settings > device info)

cam settings at 95.
Detection zone set.
yes, cam plus.

Device model is Wyze cam v2.
Firmware version is…says it’s up to date.

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Your sensitivity setting should be producing plenty of motion events set that high so long as the motion is happening within the included DZ.

Not sure if you have your Event Recording settings to save All Motion videos or just the Smart Detection AI videos in the Events tab or if you have the Smart Detection set to tag pets. It may be that the rabbit was activating a motion event, but wasn’t being AI tagged as a Pet. Your notification and event filter settings are also important to check to make sure you are being notified of motion and\or AI events and you can see them in the Events tab.

Ihave Events selected because I wasn’t sure what smart detect was. I often see animals entering the driveway but then the bideo stops after the 14 seconds even though the animal was inly part way across the driveway. It was definitely moving but it just ends.

The shorter videos have been discussed in the past. I’m not sure there is any way to get those longer short of jacking up the sensitivity to 100 and making sure the motion is within the included DZ. One of the most important factors, however, is cam placement. The cams do best as close to horizontal as possible with motion moving from side to side. Approaching and departing fields of view, as well as steep angles or FOV rotation are somewhat less effective.

The Smart Detections are the CamPlus AI subscription selections. With Record Motion Events selected, every motion event video triggered by the cam is uploaded to the cloud. Then, The AI bot interrogates every video looking for any of the objects you have designated in the Smart Detections settings.

If you have Smart Detection Events selected under Record Motion Events, only those videos that successfully get tagged are saved to the cloud and show in the Events tab. All other videos are discarded. If you have All Motion Events selected, it saves all uploads in the events tab. This is the setting you will want if you want to see if the animals are failing to get tagged. You can always filter out the motion events from the Events tab.

Additionally, you don’t have to be notified for all the motion only events if you prefer not to.

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Do a test. Stand in front of the camera. Wave your hands around and move around for more than 14 seconds. Do it for at least a minute. Check and see what was recorded. Let us know.


Is there a specific time limit for a video to tape ?is 14 seconds the max or can it tape for say a full minute?
thanks for explanations. There are some that stop because the animal stops for 2 seconds and then contiues, the video as ended at the stop and no further video is shown, I have had multiple problems with the video cameras…DZ does not eliminate the objects outside the zone, so cars moving one street over are shown. My flag waving in the yard I see every movement , but what I want to see, movement in my zones are limited. Scheduled videos are for all day and they do not show videos at night that I have seen ( animals coming into the driveway), and the time. seems to be set to mornings and stop at 2 AM…

I guess you get what you pay for…too much aggravation for this old person.

sometimes they play longer but when I watch out my window and see something that should have been on the video , it may or may not be there when I watch it the next day, No reason for it not to be there…especially at night…

CamPlus Event videos are full length up to 5 minutes in duration. Events longer than 5 minutes will be split into seperate videos.

CamPlus Lite Event videos are 12 seconds in duration.

Test your cam by moving around in front of the cam for several minutes with the DZ off. It may be necessary to increase the sensitivity settings.

This feature is limited to only a few cams. What cam are you using? This may be a factor in the short videos.

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I have Cam V2. It di record 24 seconds early one morning 2 days ago… when my partner was salting the icy driveway,