Cam plus regular duration

I have a version 2 single Wi-Fi indoor camera with Cam plus. The videos are only 10 to 11 seconds long each. It also seems there is lag time between videos and I am missing parts of an event. Calling Wyze has become impossible where I’m stuck on hold for at least an hour literally on numerous occasions. My software is up-to-date and I have recycled the camera. Is this normal? Thank you.


Please make sure your camera has Cam Plus assigned to it. It may have gotten unassigned somehow during a firmware update or something. Tap Account at the bottom right on the main screen. Then tap Services. On this page, you should be able to see if your camera is currently assigned to Cam Plus. If it is not assigned, assign it. If your camera is currently assigned to Cam Plus, I don’t know where to go from here. Please report back and let me know what you found out.

It is absolutely attached. Any suggestions of what I should do next?

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I think I benefited from deleting my cams and adding them back and assigning them again to cam plus lite as well as logging out of the app and back in.

Good luck.

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From the snapshot, it looks like you don’t have any filters on that may drill down into some longer videos. Those are all AI tagged, so at least you aren’t getting any untagged events. But, I see they are all Vehicle AI with one Person.

What I have found is that the AI does NOT play well with parked cars…EVER!

The motion detection algorythim that sets the cam into record motion is based on light pixelation changes within the detection zone which it interprets as motion. The AI tagging is a different algorithm that tags ANYTHING it identifies as a Smart AI object… Moving or not, in the detection zone or not.

The cam records only for as long as it detects motion…so: a bug flies in front of the cam and sets off the motion detection recording, the AI sees a parked car and tags the car, the bug is gone in a fraction of a second, so the cam stops recording… Elapsed time 5 to 15 seconds. Short videos over and over. But, you get a notification for vehicle each time. If I leave the vehicle detection on where I park my car, I would get thousands of hits. Suggest turning off Vehicle detection and leave person on… Then run around for a couple minutes to see if you get a longer video event.

Below is a screenshot of my events. I have the filters for all my 12 cams to show me the AI only so I don’t see anything untagged. Use the funnel in the top right to set your filters. They will show blue when they are on.

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I appreciate your detailed response. This is a communal garage where the the person has kids that open their doors into the side of my car. My notifications are off because they would drive me insane, incidentally that’s a short trip lol. I turned off the vehicle detection ask her your suggestion. Here are the other settings, can you make any suggestions?

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Looks like you have the notification settings covered pretty well, although I personally do not set notifications for ‘all other motion’ because the cams are notorious for activating on headlights, sunbeams, shadow movements etc. I just have notifications for my AI on.

Just make sure your Event Recording settings match. That is what populates the events tab. I don’t have a V2 so I’m not too sure how close the UI is to my V3. An additional adjustment because of the distance to the target is the motion detection sensitivity. I have most of my V3 between 55 and 65.

But … Test it by walking around for an extended time in the detection field. CamPlus vids are supposed to be up to 5 minutes.

Good luck :crossed_fingers: