Cameras limited to 11 second clips. Sometimes not uploading video. Cam Plus Unlimited

Cam Plus Unlimited Annual Subscription
Multiple sites having the same issue.
Bandwidth: 485 Mbps Download. 25 Mbps Upload
No other issues with the network at both sites and configuration has not changed in over a year.
All cameras have been rebooted multiple times.
I’ve removed the cameras from cam plus license and added them back.

Recently, I’ve noticed my Cam v2 cameras acting up at multiple locations…
They are only recording 11 second clips cutting off motion in progress.
Sometimes the cameras only upload a picture instead of video.

Not sure what happened, but since I’m paying Wyze $100 a year for this service, it needs resolved.

Add this to the list of problems. In addition to the issue of AI events such as Person, Pet, Barking, etc, not being tagged and being reported as generic Motion, Sound, etc, I’m also experiencing the same issue you just described.

Notifications sometimes work, sometimes don’t, but this morning I’m getting flurries of notifications for the same event but the clips are being recorded as 11, 12, or 13 seconds instead of as a single continuous event.
For example, my dog walked into the living room about 5 minutes ago. I received 9 notifications one right after the other. Basically my phone is chirping nonstop with notification after notification. When I look at the events, they are Pet 12 seconds, Motion 11 seconds, Pet 13 seconds, Motion 11 seconds, Motion 11 seconds, Motion 13 seconds, Motion 12 seconds, Pet 24 seconds (an anomaly…it seems to have actually worked correctly here), Pet 12 seconds.

This is a Cam Pan. Same thing happened earlier this morning with a V2 in the bedroom.

I paid for Cam Plus and it hasn’t worked right since day 1.

@arod.lewis @GuitarMan Really sorry for the trouble. We’ve identified a couple of issues about AI detection and have made fixes that will be included in our upcoming updates. We’re aiming to get this out as fast as we can, but also want to make sure that this is addressed properly, even if it means delaying the update until we can verify that the issue has been resolved.

Thank you so much for your patience. We will deploy the fix as fast as we can.


Same issue. Annual 99 license subscription. I only have issues with my pan cams though.