Camera with Cam Plus Subscriptions not recording like they should

I recently switched router and have noticed that my Pan Cam V3 and My Cam V3 with camera plus subscriptions are not recording correctly. Both are on the most current software. I noticed that the cameras are catching the motion but keep failing to upload them to the cloud for review. Another thing I noticed was that the time stamps on the cam plus subscription cameras are not in sync with current time. I have other cameras (V3) that do not have cam plus subscriptions and their time stamps are correct. All camera show good signal. I also tried the time sync in setting. That does nothing. Any help would be awesome. Had an older Orbi mesh system updated to new mesh system. Not sure if there is a router setting that needs to be changed.

Have you tried a Factory Reset on one of the affected cameras and re add it to your new router?

Just did that on my v3 camera. Factory reset went smooth along with connecting to WIFI. Time is still off its 2:38 here and the camera says 9:33. Camera will notify me that motion has been detected but still will not record.

Have you verified that you you don’t have any Event Filters set in the Events Tab that may be excluding those cams? If you are getting the Motion Push Notifications, clicking the notification should launch the Event Video. What happens when you click the Push Notification?

It goes to the video but has 0 seconds of video. It basically just a picture of the detected motion. Error code 6 pops up and told me to log out and back in. Did that still no luck. I submitted a log to Wyze

Since it is only occuring on Cam Plus Cams, I would unassign the cams from Cam Plus, clear the app cache, log out, restart the phone and power cycle the cam, reassign Cam Plus, and test.

I will try that tonight and let you know what happens. Thanks for the help

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