V2 and Original Pan Playback Issues

I’m having some odd behavior with some of my V2 cams and original pan cams. All cameras are running Cam Plus. In the event list, it will show a clip of 18 seconds(as an example). In the actual event view, I’ll get 5 seconds and it’s really choppy. Other times, it will show an event that last minutes, but the actual clip is a still image.

I did have these cams on the old “name your price” legacy plan, but discontinued that and went with the bulk X# of licenses for the year plan for Cam Plus.

Any thoughts?

How’s your internet speed from where your viewing the events? Sounds like it’s unable to load them.

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Speeds are good! My doorbell cam which is somewhat near the V2 gets between 100-200 for transfer rates. We’ve got symmetrical gig fiber with two eero pro 6 units. The newer v3 and spotlight cams don’t have these issues.

Hmm, try clearing the app cache in account > app settings. Also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Other than that I’m not sure, @carverofchoice @spamoni4 any ideas?

Sounds like a bug to me. You should have a very adequate bandwidth and router.

After making sure you’re on the latest firmware, I would try rebooting the camera(s), and if it continues we should probably report it in Fix-It-Friday event on Aug 5th and see if others have similar experiences. You can always contact support before then too.

If anyone else is experiencing this, please also chime in.

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Thanks! I’ve done multiple reboots; booth through the software and by physically unplugging them. I may try reformatting the SD cards and see if that helps. I appreciate the heads up on the Fix It Friday event!

Ok, a bit more info. I’m getting a “failed to upload” error on the still clips. This isn’t an issue with some of my other cams. I’ve tried multiple reboots and even reformatted the SD card on a laptop using the FAT 32 format.