Event playback issue

Event playback is stopping approx 5 seconds short of the full event recorded time.

I’m experiencing something similar on one of my V2 Cams, latest firmware. Only plays back exactly half of the recorded event.
I formatted the card in the cam and still does it.
Took the memory card out and formatted it on my computer and it still does it.
Formatted it again in the camera and it still does it.

For me If you try to watch a 14 second event recording it’ll stop at 8 seconds and if you count to 14 it reaches the end of the video and then gives you the reply option, just like it would if it had played the whole recording. So it’s like its playing it in the background but you’re not seeing the last half of the video. Very strange.

Wondering if its just an issue on my camera, a memory card issue, or wider spread issue w/ certain cameras…
Of course its my 1 camera 12 feet up under the eve of my barn. I’ll try to scrounge up another memory card I have on hand and try that.