Recorded Event Missing from Playback?

I’ve noticed something wierd and not sure it just the most recent version.

I have a recorded even (person detected) with a camera and time stamp identified, and I can see the video of what happened (person walking in front of camera). HOWEVER, when I view the playback (stored in SDcard) that portion of the video is not appearing.

Event: 2021-02-16 13:05:46

Playback (plays up to) 13:05:00 (Skips and resumes) (13:05:55) (after event)

There is an entire 50 second section missing from the Playback.

That happened to me too. I am not sure how often this is happening but I did happen to catch this issue. I literally cut out a 1 minute period from the live feed and it happened to actually be a person that was cut out. So this concerns me. Today I am having the opposite issue. It isn’t detecting anything/person but the live feed has them on there. Not sure what is going on.