Alert video present, but local recording not present?

I have my WyzeCam v2’s set to “record events only” to SD card. I’ve had a couple instances in which I get the 12 second alert video, but when I go to view the playback, no video is present in the timeline at that moment. I have videos in the timeline both before and after, so I know the SD card is fine. Has this happened to anyone else?

I’ve yet to pull the SD card to see whether the video is actually there and the playback timeline in the app just doesn’t show it, as it’s mounted in a hard to reach area.

Yes, this is happening to me and other people. I’ve set mine to continuously record until they get it resolved. I think there are multiple thread regarding this. Here’s a few that may be related:

I’d say open a ticket. In the app, go to My Account => Help & Feedback => Report an Issue.

Yes, it seems like continues recording is the only way to make sure you get the video you need at this point.

Thanks for the feedback. In one case, although I saw no highlighted section in the timeline, after I moved the cursor in the timeline around that spot, it did highlight and show the video. So I wonder if it’s an issue with the timeline not properly highlighting where videos are taken. Did you happen to pull the SD card when you’re missing a video to see if it’s actually on the SD card? Mine’s in a hard to reach area, or I’d have done that already.

No, that’s a different issue.

Back when I was trying to run with “Events only” recording, you could go down through the Event alerts and record (write down) the time from the videos. Then go to the playback timeline and record when you actually had video and clearly see the gaps. It was pointed out there may be a one minute gap, but comparing the two records, events vs playback video, it’s clear there are missing SD recordings.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera under the old version app and firmware long enough to say when this started. But hey, now you can look at Discovery videos on your phone instead of watching them on a nice big pc monitor, and without going to My Account => Help & Feedback => forums => Captured on Wyze in the app, which you could do anyway. Priorities matter.

I thought Continuous Recording was a temporary solution but I found it impossible to view playback at a specific time. Seems there is too much data for the app to handle. Playback needs some serious attention.

Question answered and it’s not good. The detection zone and sensitivity settings are not controllable for Record on Event


Tanvi (Wyze)

Jan 31, 1:10 PM PST

Push Notifications are only for the 12 second Event clips

Record on Event motion detection sensitivity is not controlled by the motion detection sensitivity and set to 50, the default setting.

This would mean if you have the sensitivity up high the 12 second Event clip could trigger but maybe not the Record on Event as the sensitivity setting is lower.

I hope this helps !

Please let me know if you have any additional questions !

Thank you !

I find it hard to believe it is set at 50, but I gave up on Event Only recording back in December for this very reason. I looked for a recorded event and it wasn’t recorded. If this is true, we need a serious discussion on some #roadmap s.

I agree 100%. It’s a serious flaw. I’ve expressed that in my ticket and offered to discuss the issue with a developer.

Don’t you find it odd that more people aren’t noticing this? One day, someone is going to need a video and it isn’t going to be there. I prefer to test things before hand.

Yes it seems odd but not sure how many people are using the cams for strictly monitoring, time lapse, playtime, etc? To be honest, not sure if someone who really needs security cam system is going to consider WYZE? Maybe we are a few folks in the middle. There could also be people who say ‘Oh Well’ and are happy considering the price.

I’ve already had cases on potentially needing video and it wasn’t there which is why Continuous Recording is the only solution for now.

I’m in the same boat and have gone with continuous recording. I can’t risk it not being there. Your point needs to be discussed and cleared up for me as I’ve probably been making some incorrect statements and I certainly don’t like doing that. I would really like to use Event recording for obvious reasons.

Me too but at this point Continuous Recording is the only solution if you want to make sure you capture all of the activity.

If this is the solution, I’d like to see better Playback review features. That would be something for a Roadmap discussion. Hopefully with the new $20M funding we will see some improvements.


Were able to solve this problem. I’m having the same problem. Alert video is there but playback is absent for about a minite or two from the event trigger.