Playback problems - timestamp <> timeline, greenbar w/o video

Note the video time stamp vs the selected time in Playback.

Greenbar but no video.

I also get video without a greenbar. If examples are needed, I’ll have to go look.

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I have a pending trouble ticket on this same issue. If you have not, you should submit one and include the logs.

I did post one for a dual entry on the Events list. Two events for the same camera, same time and same video.

Edit: Actually that is a different area (Events list), so maybe I should.

I have the same issue on 1 of mine. Green bar, but no video.

If I don’t have confidence “Events only” is going to capture what I need, I’m forced to continuously record. If recording events only to microSD has different sensitivities and zones than what I set under Detection Settings, then I’m lost as to what it may or may not record. So, until I can get a grasp on what it’s recording and is actually recording it, I’ll stick with continuous recording.

Any resolution to this issue? I just put in SD card today, and green bars are NOT showing up on the timeline when events are recorded.

BUT if I manually swipe through the timeline carefully, I can find recorded events (even though there are no green bars to indicate they exist). On some occasions, AFTER I manually find the event on the timeline, THEN it will add a green bar… but not always.

Any ideas / suggestions on how to ensure green bars show up whenever there is an event? …without me needing to go find them first.

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Hi @EricG, and welcome to the community. When you enter Playback , it will take a little time to download the information to your app, so you will not immediately see the events on the timeline. You need to allow it a few seconds (sometimes 30 -60) to update that info in the app. :slight_smile:

This problem STILL exists. Any idea if this will be fixed and when?

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Apparently will NEVER be solved. I have had this problem off & on for a long time. Seems to get fixed until a new “update” then comes back. I have submitted a dozen “logs”. Think I will trash these and go with something reliable!