Viewing Playback Problems

Today I had a motion event that I wanted to look more into. Unfortunately, since the notification only showed 12 seconds of the event I needed to go back and look at the recorded footage on my SD card. There are two issues here I’d like to address. First, scrubbing through the timeline is way too sensitive and makes it incredibly difficult to navigate to a specific time. Maybe adding in the ability to zoom in on the timeline or add more finite controls. Second, my internet connection at the house isn’t great, but it works well with live playback. It seems to drop connection when trying to view specific times in the playback, and every time it reconnects it automatically skips to the most recent time in the recording instr of the time I scrolled to. It makes for a really frustrating time when trying to view that playback. Just some thoughts. Hopefully it helps.

It’s already in there! Using two fingers on the timeline, quickly spread them apart (pinch out gesture). That will zoom in on the timeline making finding the time you want much easier.

There is a little lag while the timeline updates its indexing when you scan through it. When zoomed in, that should be a bit better. But other than that, there’s not a lot that can be done about it with a weak internet connection, other than taking your time when you move the timeline.

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