A better version of playback?

Hi guys, is their any chance of getting a better version of video playback on the app anytime soon ?

At the moment its very hard to scroll forward or backward when playing a recorded video on the app.

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Do you mean that you can’t scroll at all, or you can’t accurately select a time? If it’s the latter, pinch out with two finger on the timeline and the timeline will expand. Then you can select a time within about 5 seconds.

maybe what you need, or what Wyze needs to add to app, are MARKERS, that show you on the timeline, (via a marker), where all recorded events occurred?

@musiclee, are you referring to during continuous recording? I also think that is a great idea. Did you know there is a wishlist item about this very feature? Check out this link and vote for it to help it along. Its tagged “researching”, so lets hope it gets released soon!

@zizafira83, What kind of issues are you seeing? Maybe some here have more ideas to help just like what @K6CCC said, use the pinch in and out to navigate the timeline easier. Are your cameras local recordings set to continuous or event only? If event only, there are the arrows on either side of the timeline as well that leap you to the beginning of the next or last event.

well that helps, but it would be great if thr is a 5 / 10 second forward button which is very common in such apps.

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and the other thing would be that thr is no indication that the CAM is not recording anymore for what ever reason which i just realized when i was trying the pinch in/out trick.

Have been using these cams for 2 years now and never understood why it stopped recording on card. Is thr any way to check that i.e: logs etc ?

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In theory, the timeline will be green where there is recording and white where there is no recording, however, I have seen the green not show up initially when making a radical time / date change in where I am wanting to watch - give it a moment and it figures it out. So if the camera stops recording, the timeline should stay white.

which Version of app You are referring to?

yes but why would it stop recording all of a sudden without any notification or change

Hi @zizafira83, is this #wishlist topic that you’re looking for?


i think OP was referring to “scrubbing”? like you can do on YouTube?

Mine will stop recording and say that there is no SD card installed when there is. And I never realized that it has stopped until I go to try to watch the playback that never got recorded because it’s not seeing the SD card.

I’m using brand new SD cards, although not produced from Wyze. The reviews on Amazon showed that others were successfully using them for Wyze cameras, but it’s constantly not seeing it and therefore not recording.