Playback is very confusing

I can NOT figure out the Event playback. We need a tick mark where there is video instead of watching the entire playback video.
Thanks, Tom

Not sure I fully understand what you are asking for. Are you talking about the Event Menu option and video’s that appear there or SD Card Playback?

Also, if this is something you would like to see, you should add it as a wish list item and then vote for it yourself. Go here to make it a Wish List, just make sure it has not been listed yet:

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I have an SD card in my cam.
I have it set for Events only and Motion.
When I go to Playback there are areas highlighted in Blue.
When I view them there is NO motion until the very end of the Blue area.
I want a tick mark on the timeline showing exactly when the motion begins.
This should be easy to do.
Maybe it is me. Am I missing something on this playback issue???

Ah, I see the problem. From what I remember, the camera has something like a rolling 1 minute recording memory, so, if ANYTHING moves during that 1 minute, it will record the entire minute to the SD card. The motion could have happened at the beginning of that 1 minute, at the end, or somewhere in the middle. If motion continues past that 1 minute mark and into the next minute, then it will record the entire second minute onto the SD card, and it will continue to do this until there is no movement for a long enough amount of time (probably at least a whole minute or two with no movement). But you would have to watch the entire minute recorded to know where in that minute there was any motion.

At least that’s how it used to work back when I looked into it a couple of years ago. I imagine it still works the same way since the cameras still record 1-minute segments onto the SD card.

I don’t think there is currently any way to see at exactly which second there will be motion. Something that can help is to add the motion tagging green box. You can also check and see if there is a wishlist request for this, though perhaps a better solution would be to improve the video scrubbing to make it easier to search through video, such as speeding it up or something.

Anyway, it’s a good suggestion, I would certainly love to see a specific shaded color where exactly there is a change of motion. It would be a great convenience feature.


Yes, normal cloud events show the triggering motion a few seconds after playback starts. So do Events-Only SD card recordings accessed from the “Playback” button on that cloud event.

But if you use the general Playback button on the camera’s live view page, you will see a more raw reality: Events-Only SD card recordings are recorded in whole-minute increments.

So let’s say motion doesn’t start until 45 seconds after the minute started, then you would see 45 seconds of motionless video in front of the triggering motion during the raw SD card payback. If motion continued until 10 seconds after the next minute, then you would have another 50 seconds of motionless video after that.

So best to access the recordings from the cloud recording’s Playback button. Otherwise just know you may need to wait a bit for motion to start. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your explanation.
I now know how it works.
But I still want a tick mark exactly where the motion begins.
I will attempt to put this on the Wish List.
Thanks again for your help.

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I understand now. Thanks for Clarifying. I would definitely add this as a Wish List item.

tomac14 - Pardon me for asking, but I just want to make sure your question was fully understood and answered. You are aware of the Events button, at the bottom of the main screen. Right? This is where you will normally see all your events. These events have nothing to do with the SD card in your cam. These events are stored on the cloud. You can also see you events by accessing your SD card, but it’s not as easy to find the start and stop points as assessing them from the Events menu. Again, I’m just trying to make sure you got a complete answer to your question.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am aware of the Events button on the main page but don’t really understand it. You say that these Events are stored in the cloud. But I don’t understand how that can be since I have not subscribed to any cloud storage. Are these always recorded without a subscription to a cloud service. But this is exactly what I am looking for on the videos stored on the SD card. Another question, how do I get out of the Events page and back to the main page. I have not figured out how to return to the main page from the Events page. Now I am stuck on the FILTER page. How do I get back to the main page where I started. Now I am much smarter than before your reply, and yet confused about other things. HELP !!!
Keep replying.

First, let’s get you back to the Main page/screen. If you are still on the Filter page, tap Show Results on the bottom of the screen. That will take you back to the Events page. You can then tap the Home button on the bottom of the screen to get back to the Home (or Main) screen.

Yes. All videos are recorded without a subscription to a cloud service. They can be seen using the Events page. There are cloud service subscriptions available, both paid and free, that provide you some really neat functionality. Check out Cam Plus and Cam Plus Light.

The videos stored on your SD card are not a part of the cloud service at all. They are recorded completely separately from the videos stored on the cloud service. Here’s a really cool capability. When you are viewing an event from the cloud service, you can tap the Playback button at the bottom of the screen and … guess what? It will take you directly to the video on the SD card at the point you were at on the event video. You can then (for example) back up the video and see what happened just before the event video.

The important concept to remember is that if you have an SD card in your camera, there are actually two separate recordings happening at the same time. One is being stored and analyzed on the cloud server, and the other recording is taking place entirely on your camera on the SD card. And you can switch from one to the other.

I know this all seems confusing, But like everything else, once you figured it out, it seems simple. Hang in there. We’re here to help.

Attention Wyze:
A good website design requires that on EVERY PAGE there should be a BACK Button or a HOME Button for successful navigation of the website.
I should not have to tap on the “Show Results” to get out of a page.
Please add a HOME Button or a BACK button on EVERY page in your website.

PCHearn, Thanks again for your reply.
You give the most easy-to-understand explanations I have come across for the confusing Wyze playback. I really like the events page that I can click on Playback and it takes me to this exact place on my SD card video. That is terrific.
It is really frustrating to get locked into a webpage with no “intuitive” way to get out. I left a note for Wyze to add a HOME Button or a BACK Button for navigation around their website.
What do you think about my suggestion for adding a HOME Button or a BACK Button?

THANKS again.You should work for Wyze !!!

PS: Confused again
When I click on a stored event from one camera (with an SD micro card), it automatically shows the 12-second clip without me clicking on anything else.
Then on a stored event from a different camera (with an SD micro card), it shows a still picture and I have to click on Playback to see the stored video. There is NO 12-second for this event?
I’m confused again.

Thank you for the compliment, I like your suggestion, but Wyze has SO MANY camera problems to fix, I wish they would work on those first. Then try to make things better.

So you are confused again? There is a LOT to understand. Let me try to help you out. In one of my previous responses in this thread, I said “There are cloud service subscriptions available, both paid and free, that provide you some really neat functionality. Check out Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite.” Now that you have the feel of how the events work and how the SD card works, this would be a great time to really look at Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite. They will both take care of the still picture vs 12-second (or more) video.

You’re doing great. Keep going.

I am new to iOS (I just got a phone to test out, especially for testing Wyze stuff to help community members). I’ve never used iOS before just a couple of weeks ago, and I do have to say it is a little frustrating to me, trying to find how to go “Back” in some places on the app in iOS. I definitely agree that there needs to be a back button everywhere for that OS.

On Android, it hasn’t really mattered to me, because the standard “Back” for Android is simply to swipe left or right from one edge of the screen. It doesn’t matter if there is a back button anywhere, I just swipe, and it almost always goes back, with few exceptions.

So on Android 12+ I don’t care if there is a back button because swiping always goes back anyway, but on iOS, it felt kind of clunky and awkward to navigate around compared to Android. I did not like it (the “back” issue) at all, so I totally understand/agree why people would want a standard back option on every screen to be functional.

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Theres “cancel” and “show results”

Mike, Thanks for you email.
Yes, there is a CANCEL Button and a SHOW Results.
People are hesitant to click on a CANCEL button because they aren’t sure what they are Canceling.
People are hesitant to click on a SHOW RESULTS, results for what?
They understand a BACK button and a HOME button.
All good websites have a BACK button or a HOME button on every page.
It is simply a website Good Design Practice.
A website should be INTUITIVE to navigate.

Im more concerned with ongoing functionality issues. I.E. the cameras not working.

This seems very important to you.
I figured it out immediately, as there are two buttons, and its not hard to INFER what they mean. Or am I blessed with some uncommon intuition? Anyone who can not infer their function, perhaps could not install the camera either. Is the use of the correct screwdriver, drills, climbing ladders, etc not more complex to navigate than two buttons? But I wont argue the point, since I have open tickets about things thst actually matter to my 14 cameras functioning properly (its actually a softwsre bug not involving button labels), and I’ve insufficient time for this sort of “debate” over minutiate with all caps and impressive acronyms. :grin:

Thanks for your reply.
I didn’t mean to start a debate.
You have much more experience with the Wyze cams and app than I do.
I just bought my first Wyze cam a few weeks ago.
My comments are not for you but for someone inexperienced.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the Wyze camera and all its features.
It is much sharper than my previous cameras.
I was just trying to suggest some improvements to the Wyze app.
I was not trying to start a debate.
Just trying to improve the Wyze camera/App system.
Hope you get all your all your issues resolved with your 14 cameras.
Thanks again.