[Feature Request] + SD Card Playback Issues (Recording a whole minute before motion detection)

First of all, Wyze can you give us the option to view SD card recorded clips in a list view like the cloud events and have playback controls when viewing (fast forward, skip, autoplay next) as well as the timeline. This will make navigating clips much easier. Also with this please give us the option to search for motion clips between time periods.

Lastly I have an annoying issue right now where locally recorded events record up to a minute before the camera actually detects motion. So for example on the timeline it shows there was motion captured between 12:03 and 12:05. Well I start the clip at the beginning (12:03) and have to sit and watch nothing happen for a whole minute before it plays the part where motion was detected. Can there be a setting where we can choose the length of time to record BEFORE motion is captured? A minute seems way too long - especially when scrolling through the clip is so awkward.


All of these requests are already topics in #wishlist. Please look them up there and vote for each (click the VOTE button at the top of each topic). You may add additional comments also if you like.

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This is a function of the structure of the SD card recording. Here’s how it works. Each 1-minute segment from mm:00 to mm:59 is recorded to the onboard memory cache. If motion has been detected during that minute, the segment is saved as a file on the SD card. If no motion was detected, the segment is discarded. If continuous recording is set, then all segments are saved to the card. In either case, the video files on the card are all 1-minute long.

This methodology is embedded deep in the structure of the firmware, so it’s not likely to change.

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Thanks for taking the time to explain.

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