Does anyone else find the playback from the sd card unusable?

I can view a video recorded at 16:03 in the events, but on my sd card it’s nearly impossible to get anywhere close to the right time and getting it to actually play is an act of congress.

Wanted to view something on my cam, but instead I can see 12 seconds of it. My sd cards are fine and I’ve got several cameras and different brand, size, and speed cards so I know that it isnt possible to have all of them act the same way if it isnt the fault or the cams or the app.

Please tell me I’m not alone?

Are you referring to playing the video from the App versus pulling the SD card and viewing it on a PC? Is so yes I have also experienced problems with playback. I think some might be caused by network conditions.

The 12 second event clips and the SD card playback are two seperate things

When any of the Event detection types are turned on, your Wyze Cam will automatically record a 12-second Event video that is saved to the Cloud. These Event videos can be viewed for up to 14 days in the Events tab of the Wyze App. After 14 days, Event videos are deleted and cannot be recovered.

Tap the Events tab of the Wyze App to see a list of Event videos. If you have multiple cameras linked to your account, you can filter to view only the videos from one specific camera by tapping the menu icon in the upper right corner, tapping Filter and selecting that specific camera.

The Event videos are organized by day and time. You can swipe the calendar bar at the top of the Events screen and tap on any individual day to view the Event videos for that day.

Tap the thumbnail for any video to view that Event video. Event videos can be saved to your device’s gallery or shared by tapping the Share button while viewing an individual Event video. They can be deleted by tapping the Delete button on the same page.

To bulk delete multiple Event videos, tap the menu icon in the upper right corner of the Events screen and tap Delete Events . You can select individual videos or tap Select all . Tap Delete and confirm that you want to delete the videos.

*Note: Event Videos for each type are limited to being recorded once every 5 minutes. Different types won’t interfere with one another (Motion and Sound can trigger back-to-back for example), but same-type Events will have a 5-minute timer associated with them before another will be recorded.

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I’ve heard a few others complain about playback mode being unusable, but none of them ever shared their setup. For me, I can dial up a time in seconds, and it plays just like the live feed.

What router and phone are you using? Sounds like something is underpowered.

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I had a problem with the card playback about 3 weeks ago it was really funky been working great lately though

I share that, by holding and slowly moving along the zoomed in timeline, you can dial in exactly where you want to start viewing. the one thing I have noticed is that sometimes there is a delay between your actions on the app and playback for the spot you’ve dialed into. giving it a few seconds to catch up to what you want to see has worked for me.

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Just In case you didn’t know

  • You can pinch and zoom on the timeline to change the scale of the timeline to make it easier to select a specific point in time. This is particularly useful if you have 1-minute increments based on the Record events only setting.

I have noticed that sometimes too

When I’ve experienced the problem I found it was network related. My camera is at the edge of the wireless zone. For this reason I installed a wifi extender which solved the issue,

dial-it-in . Verb. (third-person singular simple present dials it in , present participle dialing it in , simple past and past participle dialed it in) To set up in a perfect or complete way.

To me “dial it in” means an easy way to put in a time and go to it. As much as I like Wyze, getting to the perfect time is hunt and peck.

Look in the Wishlist, I’m pretty sure there are requests for better playback features.

Only way i know to begin at a specific spot is to scroll a few blocks of time at a time, then pinch and zoom until you find the right spot. This I would call more of a hunt and peck.
Am I missing something in the way of a dial-a-time feature?

Yes, I think the app is MISSING a dial-a-time feature, as are all of us users :frowning:
Even better for many of us would be an easy link from an EVENT that was recorded to the cloud and the continuous record.

That would be nice! However, at this point I would settle for just fast scroll video.

Semantics. I “dial” the timeline back to the time I am interested in (picture an old rotary phone – you use your finger to dial). The time is shown in black at the top of the screen (and more coarsely in the timeline, which is still “dialing back” to me).

Entering a time is not dialing anything…

Seriously, if anyone including regulars are having trouble getting to a time in the timeline (more than a few seconds), let’s talk about your hardware and platform so we can “dial in” on a solution!

I’ve never had any issue calling up a playback segment. Almost instant for me. On iOS app with an old iPhone 6 with an 802.11ac router (Netgear R6400v2, but an 802.11n is all you should need).

I was having problems viewing playback on my home network, using my mobile data was much quicker. I ended up changing some settings with my router that helped.