Please help! Playback lasts only seconds

I set my cam for event recording, detects motion, record to microSD card. When I click on one of the events (besides having to try several times and waiting forever even though my WiFi connection is just fine on any other device in any location of the house) and clicking on Playback, I only get to see seconds of the movement and then it stops. Is that how the camera works???!!! Or is there a setting to change the amount of time the camera records on the SD card after being triggered by an event?

Which camera do you own? I have the version one WCO cams, the V3 cams, and a V3 Pro. All the plug in cameras are recording 24/7 to 128GB and 256GB SD cards. The battery powered cams use cam plus lite and sometimes scheduled event recording to the SD cards in the cams.
Do you have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite?

I am not sure. I do not pay anything. I do not want to be able to record 24/7. Just events. Does that mean that I have to pay to record events for more than several seconds?

I have an old WYZE Cam v2. Playbacks are not even lasting 12 seconds and they seem to get stuck all the time (it says connecting to camera). Like I said, my WiFi is fine. I have a smart TV connected to WiFi located farther away from my modem than the Wyze cam.

It sounds to me like you are trying to view Event Videos in the Events Tab. Those are all videos that have been uploaded to your account on the Wyze server in the cloud. Without any subscription, these should all just be Thumbnail images, no video.

The SD Card Recorded video should all be saved in one minute increments regardless of the length of the event or motion. These are accessed thru use of the “Playback” bar at the bottom of the Event page or thru the SD Playback icon in the Live Stream page.

I don’t think so. I do see the thumbnails you mentioned, but I am touching “Playback” with the MicroSD icon. And I do see a video, but seconds long. I am thinking it’s a connection problem. but I can’t figure out why I am having it.

You should go to the cam settings > Device information and check the signal at the camera. This is from a V3 Pro.

What model cam are we discussing here? Do you have microSD Recording set to Continuous or to Motion Events?

V2 Cam

I just checked right after the “Network is not stable…” message and it shows 3 bars. I’m at my wits’ end!

After clicking on playback, it tries to connect several times taking forever. If and when it is finally able to connect, I only get about 5 seconds of playback at best, then playback just stops. It looks like it just freezes.

Sorry, just realized I missed that on the cam model.

It sounds like a network data connectivity issue not getting the SD stream from the cam. Does the data rate drop to 0.0?

When you use the Playback icon in the Events Viewer page, it will take you to the SD Video Playback at the time index that the Event Upload occured. However, the video that was saved if you have SD Recording set for Motion Events will be at least 1 minute long starting from second 00. You should be able to manipulate the video and timeline to view that minute.

SD Recording happens in one minute increments. The file starts at 00s and ends at 60s. If you have SD Recording set to Motion Events, the cam saves the file ONLY if there is motion within that 1m. If the motion starts at second 55 and ends at second 58, only that one minute from 00 to 60 is saved and that motion event will appear on the SD Timeline as a 1m event. If the motion starts at second 55 and continues into the next minute, stopping at second 01, 02, or later, both one minute files are saved and it will appear on the SD Timeline as a 2m event. Regardless of when the motion starts or stops, all SD video starts at second 00 and ends at second 60.

You should give us some more info… are your issues as seen via the Wyze app or are you still running Bluestacks? If the Wyze app, what app version are you running? And which firmware version is loaded on your Cam v2?

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Thank you for explaining that @SlabSlayer . I seem to be having a different problem because of numerous events, I always only get seconds of playback.

I am trying on both, bluestacks and Wyze app on andorid which has the lastest version of the app from the Google Play. Cam’s Firmware is is old Cam v2 RTSP firmware.

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When I click on the version I get a window that says, “Everything 's good! Your camera is up-to-date.”. How do I get the latest firmware??

That depends on what you wish to do with your cam and how you wish to access it. If you wish to run the latest non-RTSP firmware, you’ll need to perform a manual firmware flash.

Your “cutoff” streaming of the SD card video sounds like you are being disconnected from the cam somewhere. Where are you located and how are you viewing the SD card video… mobile/cellular or WiFi connection?

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I have been watching connected to the same WiFi the cam is connected to, but I’d like to access it through my cellular provider.

You can access your cam streams via cellular connection, but location and provider must allow personal cam streaming and the connection (APN protocol) must be IPv4 or IPv6 transitional (IPv4/IPv6). Wyze currently does not support IPv6.

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Thank you. Does that have anything to do with how to update the firmware if the cam is telling me that it’s up to date?

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No. The reason it’s telling you the firmware is up to date is because the RTSP firmware has a higher version number than the latest/current regular Cam v2 firmware. This is intentional. It prevents regular firmware from overwriting RTSP firmware. RTSP firmware for your cam is version Latest regular Cam v2 firmware is

If you wish to view your Cam v2 by just using the Wyze app on your phone, you’ll need to manually flash your cam to firmware version You’ll also need to ensure that your location and provider support personal cam streaming via IPv4. There are ways around local restrictions, but I’m not at liberty to discuss workarounds. Others may jump in here if needed.

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I got someone to lend me another camera just like mine. I am connecting to that camera just fine. no problem at all. That camera does have the latest firmware version, so I can assume there’s is no problem with my location nor my provider. How do I manually flash my cam to the latest firmware version?

Sorry, just found instructions online. thanks!

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