Only 12-second recordings after inserting SD card

I inserted a 32gb SD card and enabled local recording for events, but the videos are still only 12 seconds as if I was only using the free cloud service. I thought an SD card and local recording would mean that the 12-second limit goes away? I tried continuous recording, and this works, but I don’t want continuous recording, I want motion-triggered recording without the 12-second limit. How do I get that with my Wyze Pan Cam?

The SD card videos aren’t in the Events tab. You can find them by clicking the ViewPlayback button at the bottom of the live camera view screen. You will see a timeline where you can scroll laft/right. There are also arrows at each end that will jump to the previous/next event.
It takes a few seconds for the events to show.


Thanks Angus, you solved my issue. Now that I understand how playback works, I found that I no longer even need to setup event recording, because that is related to those useless 12-second videos associated with the free could service. I find no use for those. I turned event recording off and found that I can see motion events in playback w/o any 12-sec cutoff.

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Events arnt totally useless. I have continuous recording on all my cameras and if I see an event video with something of note in it ,I can press the playback button from the event and it’ll take me direct to the time on the playback timeline. Don’t have to choose the camera, click playback, find the time, etc. You can have the camera take the event videos, and just don’t enable the notifications. Check the event tab whenever to see events.