Not recording with SD card in

Hi I have a pan camera and non pan and have installed in both an sd card, but both will not record more than the standard 12 seconds.
The only way they will record for a longer period is if I record from the app and the screen stays on. If the phone goes off/screen turns off then it stops and puts it into the camera roll.
Any ideas would be great.

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The SD cards should record in one-minute increments on motion. Make sure your settings are correct:

Settings (gear in upper corner of cam in queston)
Advanced Settings
Local Storage
Be sure slider is on, and either continuous or events only is selected.

Also to view the recordings, when in camera view select view playback, they will not show up on events like the 12-second videos


If you have a SD card installed correctly, you should have 24/7 recordings. Please check all your settings like @WyzeJasonJ mentioned.


Hi yes all as you have mentioned but still only 12 seconds each time.

What brand of MicroSD cards do you have installed in the cameras?

There are no 12 second clips on the SD card , the 12 second clips are on the cloud and are separate from the SD card recordings.


Use the Playback feature to view video footage stored on your microSD card.

To view the recorded footage, enter the Live Stream view for your camera and tap the View Playback button.

playback.PNG240x427 * Tap and drag the timeline to view recorded video from a specific point in time.

  • You can tap the date button to select a specific date in the calendar view.
  • The times where there is video footage available will be highlighted in color on the timeline.
  • You can pinch and zoom on the timeline to change the scale of the timeline to make it easier to select a specific point in time. This is particularly useful if you have 1-minute increments based on the Record events only setting.
  • You can use the < and > buttons to jump to the previous or next event in the timeline. This is helpful when the camera is set to Record events only.
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Apart from the other helpful replies you have received, I did not see anyone mention to you that when you click record while in the Wyze app, that records directly to your phone’s storage, not the SD card on the Wyze Cam, After following the direction from the previous replies to make sure you are choosing the SD card and Continuous recording from within the app, you will need to go to your live camera feed, and click on the playback button at the bottom and move the slider to view the past recording, also note that it takes a few seconds for the video to start after you slide the timeline to the point you are wanting to view.


I don’t use continuous recording but I have event recording on.

Have one in each of three cams. No issues, yet.


I have the same card in my dashcam, and it has been working for over a year now without any issues.

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I also Use the same cards in my Wyze Cams, with the exception of the V2 cam that came with one that has the Wyze Branding on it. They all work fine :slight_smile:


I have used Sandisk, Samsung, and Wyze and they all work great. I usually go for Samsung Endurance cards, but honestly I haven’t had a problem with any of them. I have five v2 cams running with different cards in each of them.


Thanks for sharing this information


I think I know where you’re going with this. I too wish it would jump from the 12sec cloud storage then pick up from the SD card. The 12 seconds isn’t enough time on one of my vehicle gate cameras. The headlights eat up the 12 seconds before i can see the vehicles.

And if your monitoring this thread Wyze. How about a “jump to next event” during playback. Thank you

Wyze does not constantly monitor all of the threads on the forum, but they do pay a little more attention to the #wishlist category because they want to know what their customers want. This thread may interest you.


Thank you DreadPirateRush!!

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