12 second limit and microsd recording

Sorry if this has been asked before but I didn’t find it in my search. I have a Wyze Cam Pan (current firmware) on the free plan which limits the motion recordings to 12 seconds. If I insert a microsd card and set it to record events only…will the (local) microsd recordings be as long as the motion occurs since the recording is not uploading to the cloud? Or it doesn’t matter and even with a microsd inserted the recording is still limited to 12 seconds?

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This was actually just discussed in a V3 conversation but the same rules apply. Lots of good info below from Wyze users and Forum Mavens.

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With Events Only you will get any full minute that had motion detected. So if motion starts 45 seconds into the minute, you will watch 45 seconds of no motion before motion starts. Likewise you will have 55 seconds of no motion after if the motion stops at 5 seconds after. The Events only recording will go on for as long as there is motion.

However, I am a big believer in Continuous recording. Then you don’t have to depend on the camera ‘thinking’ there is an event. What it uses for sensitivity is fixed (maybe at 50%?), and if it doesn’t think it meets the threshold, then there is no recording. So I just record 24 hours a day. I always get something on the Playback buttons that way. Been doing that for years without failure (YMMV).


Thank you both for the quick replies and help!

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