Sanity check: WyzeCam Pan - Motion Detection in Playback, not in Events

I have a WyzeCam Pan with SD card set to no notifications, and motion detection.
I had I look at playback for the WyzeCam Pan and there is a recording due to movement, but if I go to Events and filter for the camera, the nearest event listed is several hours before. Am I wrong in my original assumption that the events should hold at least 12 seconds of the event video?

Both my app and the firmware are up to date

The SD card event recording does not use the sensitivity settings or the detection zone used for alert recordings. So it is possible to have recordings saved in one and not the other.

Does that apply to V2 cameras too?

That’s very interesting, I don’t understand the reasoning but could explain some things I’m currently seeing on V2 cameras.

What does the SD card Event Recording use for sensitivity setting and detection zone? That would be good info to know.

Yes, applies to V2. The SD card event mode uses fixed sensitivity with no detection zone. The devs have been considering changing it to use the regular detection settings, but have not made that decision or implemented it to my knowledge.

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Very helpful, thanks RickO

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An update on this from almost a year ago: the SD card recordings now use the same settings (sensitivity, detection zone) as cloud events.

Good to know. Thanks. I don’t see any difference when I change sensitivity settings in cloud mode. Maybe SD card will act differently for me.

Good to know but after I discovered the issue I started to use Continuous Recording to avoid missing anything due to a difference in the settings. So far so good, none of my SD cards have been ‘eaten’ and playback has improved. I’m glad Wyze is addressing some of the root issues. Next maybe fixing the audio/video sync problem??? :thinking:

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