Don’t get notifications for all events on playback timeline

I do get push notifications for motion events on my pan cam but I also see there are a lot of motion events on the playback timeline I don’t get notifications for. Is the motion sensitivity setting controlling this? If not, what is filtering out those motion events that don’t result in a push notification?


I just posted a thread where I’m getting the notices, but the event isn’t recorded on the playback. Could be connected. Or disconnected.

The SD card event recording uses its own sensitivity setting and does not honor the detection zone. Wyze is looking into changing that.

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Ok, thx. That makes more sense now. It wasn’t really clear in the documentation so that should be updated.

What? So, you could also get “Events” and push notifications, but the minute of playback not be triggered by other settings? That might could explain some of what I’m seeing.