SD Card why limited to 12 second event recording

Why is a camera event recording to an SD card limited to 12 seconds? Why not as long as motion is detected? Its not taking up space on Wyze’s servers.

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Are you looking at the events in the event tab of the app? That’s the location where all the cloud events are viewed. The local storage (SD card) footage is viewed by clicking on the playback link either on the live view screen of a camera or the playback button on the bottom of a cloud event.

Do you have any of the variations of camplus?

Cloud storage and local storage are two separate functions of the app and are independent of each other. Each have their own set of settings depending on the type of camera you are using. SD card slash local storage on the camera is not affected by any of the recent cloud service changes, and it should work as it always has.


Got it, perfect explanation. Thx very much!!!

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