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I have a cam that I’m only getting playback from for way less than two weeks. Why is this? Could someone have hacked into it and erased footage? I have an SD card in but am not sure if I’m recording to that or the cloud. If it’s a problem with capacity, how can i get more storage?

Are you watching the video with the “View Playback” on the camera view, or are you watching events?

View playback.

What are your recording settings? “View playback” is your local storage to the ad card, and it’s storage retention is based on your setting, quality, and sd card size. The 2 weeks is only applicable to the cloud recording services

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If you are viewing coverage from “playback”, that is your local storage and if you are viewing clips in the event tab, that’s your cloud storage. Local and cloud storage are Independant of each other, you can have one, both or neither.

You can increase your local storage by getting a bigger sd card (official support is up to 32, but folks have had success with much higher), lowering your quality setting, and chosing only events only to local and not continuous.


I am not seeing seeing any “event” tab. What does “event” even mean? Does that mean it only records motion sensor events? Because I don’t have one of those.

Go back to the app home page and looksie at the bottom “tabs”.

This is the location where your cloud saved events (motion triggered, sound triggered, smart video tigger, etc) are accessed and viewable.

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Is there any way I can set up continuous recording in the cloud? Don’t we have two weeks free storage in that?

There is the free 12 sec videos every 5 minutes (down to 1 for WCO) cloud storage, that has a retention for 14 days. There is also Camplus, which records the entirety of the motion trigger then I’ll loads to the cloud with no cool down period and has a retention of 14 days. Its not the same as local storage continuous recording, where the camera is recording 24/7. With camplus, if there is not motion or trigger, it’s not recording until it gets one. Camplus is not available in the WCO quite yet, soon.

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