CamPlus playback storage

I was trying to view video from less than 48 hours ago. It says “no video”. Does only a certain time frame of video remain stored?

Cam Plus Cloud storage is 14 days unless you manually delete videos.


It sounds like your referring to SD card playback. How are you accessing it? Through the “events” tab at the bottom or with the “playback” button?

Depending on the size of the SD card you have you can get different amounts of video stored.

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If you have the cam set to only record Motion Activated footage, you will also get that message when viewing times in the SD Card when nothing was recorded (no colored timeline).

I have found that that message will also appear when the app is having a difficult time making a WiFi connection to the cam. If it can’t communicate with the cam, the app thinks nothing is there.

The amount of time you get on the card will also vary depending on the quality of the video you record (HD takes up about twice the space as SD, so you get about half the capacity) and how long it is in color vision (IR Night Vision records at a lower frame rate).

Is anyone able to see farther back than two weeks when doing the Events work around? I need to access video from May 13 to submit to police but can only access back to the 26th.

This is so frustrating. Especially since video and sound are never in sync during playback either. I guess I’ll need to transition to different cameras since Wyze consistently ignores issues affecting large portions of users.

With Cam Plus, you only get 2 weeks of Cloud Storage:


If you have an SD Card in the camera, set to Continuous or Events, the footage will still be there until the card overwrites the events. This will only happen when the card is full, then it will overwrite event starting with the ones furthest back.


If you are looking to launch from an Event Video to Playback video footage recorded on the SD Card, everyone is limited to 14 days of Event history regardless of your subscription level. Every cam on every account only gets 14 days of cloud storage. It has always been that way.

If you need to go back farther on the SD Card, it may be easier to scrub the footage using an external reader and a video editing program like VLC on a computer. I use 256GB cards set to record continuous and get between 21 and 28 days history depending on the cam.