Wyze recordings only available 14 days?!

I subscribed thinking all my events with motion would be recorded and now I’m finding out these events are only stored 14 days? I installed a camera in my office and went on vacation for a few weeks. Got back and someone had stolen some items. I look back and only 14 days are stored. There’s literally no mention of only 14 days of playback when you subscribe or I would have paid more to have access to all the recordings. The recording I need is more than 14 days old and there’s literally no way to access it?

What do you need to subscribe to in order to get access to all recordings as far back as you want?

Unreal that I literally did this for this exact reason and now it’s worthless to even have this camera.

There is no other option besides 14 days of cloud videos. However, you can use an SD card to record locally for much longer than 14 days depending on the size you choose to get.

Not through the cloud videos. There is no way at all, not even with a court order warrant. The cloud recordings don’t exist anymore after 14 days. The only possibility is that you also had a large SD card (or one set to events only) in the camera and it recorded it.

Such a thing doesn’t exist right now. However, Wyze recently did a poll asking users if they would be willing to pay more money for longer storage recordings that go back farther as you are asking. So that may be an option in the future…but for now, it is not. And even if they offered it tomorrow, it would not backdate because anything farther than 14 days ago is already deleted.

Sorry to hear that you’re in this situation and didn’t notice the limitations back when you purchased it.
I recommend getting and SD card though. I use a 512GB card in one of mine and it works well. You can basically assume that it takes roughly 9GB of space per 24hrs of HD quality day-light only recordings. I’d round it up to 10GB just so you don’t underestimate what you need. So a 512GB SD card will store roughly 50+ full days of recordings, probably more than 2 months worth on average, especially if you ever use nightvision on the camera. 128GB actually stores around 2 weeks. It sounds like you need more than that though. Setting it to only record motion evens will increase those times A TON.


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