Record events for longer than 14 days

I had property damage while out of town and wanted to use the camera to go back 3 weeks but sadly Wyze only keeps events for 2 weeks. I feel like if I’m paying for Plus, I should get events for at least 30 days. I’d be willing to pay more. Perhaps have a cloud storage option during Plus checkout. Thanks


That is CamPlus, 14 days. Install an sd card in your cameras big enough to store recordings for a longer period.

I would guestimate that approx 1% of CAM+ users would pay addtl coin for days 15-30. Wyze would prolly lose money on the change management and administration of the idea.

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With a Amazon Blink subscription, you get cloud storage for 60 days which is much better than 2 weeks. The whole point for me is to record events while I’m not there. And I don’t remember to check everyday. And there are too many false alarms with no actual person in the recording

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Do what WildBill said. Easy-peasy. Problem solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with hello369, I too would love longer storage options. I would like 30 days. Maybe you could offer different tiers for different client requirments? I have the largest sd cards it allows installed and those only cover roughly 37 hours.

YES…YES… I would be willing to pay for longer than two weeks of cloud storage. Need at least 30 days of storage. I did not know I needed a video until after three weeks. how about another level for 60 days of storage!


OK, I’ll work on making that for you.

Out of curiosity… how much would you pay a month (year) for 60 days of storage? For reference, Cam Plus Unlimited costs roughly $99/yr for two weeks of storage.

Matt Van Swol
Head of Subscription Growth

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We currently do subscribe to Cam Plus Unlimited, we only needed 30 days but if 60 were affordable I believe we would do that simply because the nature of our business involves many delays and that delays the discovery of damages and that’s what we use them for, to prove damage or non-arrival of properties from all over the world. All that being said, I think anything much more than $200 a year would be pushing it. I think 30 days at 149 - 159, and 60 at 199 - 210 would be very much considered. I can tell you we would jump at a 30 day package immediately. I’m very proud to have introduced this system to my employers, they are happy with the result and this was a known shortcoming for our needs. Our IT guys have no easy way of saving the footage for longer and it’s too cost ineffective to pay people to comb through to save the loading and unloading event. So we hoped with time, an option of longer data storage would present itself.

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Noted. Passing this along, very very very helpful.

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I assume the 30 days for 149-159 comment means inclusive of the price for Cam Plus Unlimited, so an additional 49 or 59.

I’d contrast this feedback on pricing for a business use case against what is included for free- also 2 weeks. I think the higher paid tiers, like unlimited, should already include a longer retention time. Perhaps you could limit it based on an amount of storage instead of a time limit. That’s where the cost is incurred on the back end, so it makes sense to cap that. Maybe include 2 weeks plus up to 50GB of older recordings. That’s definitely less than 50 cents monthly on the back-end services cost. I’d pay a dollar or two per month for that.

I don’t see a reason to limit it to “business use case”, MANY people want longer storage times that are not a business. That’s just my case here. I have 15 wyze products, 11 camera’s and would pay for 30 days myself if offered.
I feel the pricing I suggested was pretty clear, it’s Cam Unlimited Plus as is at $99 then for the additional cost I suggested you move to each higher storage tier.
I see no reason to convolute the pricing with storage sizes, no consumer wants to count gig’s to be sure the video they need is still there. (see cell companies that used to cap and now have unlimited texts and yadda yadda)
Also, if it’s too expensive then it’s just not that important to you.

I don’t believe the availability should be limited to a business use case, only that your willingness to pay the pricing you listed is based on your business use case. The overwhelming majority of Wyze cam users are not a business and so your willingness to pay those prices do not reflect the norm.

If you think that the average user is willing to pay 250% more over the price of unlimited for an extra 16 days of retention, I think you are sorely mistaken.

I agree that no user wants to count gig’s, and with any reasonable implementation, they would not have to. They’d simply see their videos stored for longer, and perhaps a basic “gas tank” style indicator- empty vs full.

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The prices I suggested are what I found to be a fair range.
Currently - $99 for 14 days, I then suggested 30 days for $149 or 60 for $199, not sure where your 250% increase came from??
As I stated, I too would personally pay for my home system to have 30 days of storage for $149 a year. (Again, I have 15 Wyze products, 11 of them cam’s)
So no, I’m not just referring to businesses.
This is a request of service wish, thats it, I got the response I hoped for from WyzeMatt.

I obviously don’t know the details of Wyze’s implementation, but generally cloud storage costs are much less than bandwidth, AI processing, and other things. This means that I would assume it wouldn’t cost near that much to add extra days to the event storage.

I am a volunteer and do not represent Wyze, but I just wanted to chime in.

I think a lot of users would be happy to pay a little more for longer storage, though the prices suggested previously would be too much for many regular users.

Will hop in here just to say that by far and away the most expensive part of Cam Plus on a per user basis is the footage storage.

Obviously we are creating new things and maintaining the service through staff salaries which aint cheap either. But yeah, I definitely think there’s something to a 30/60 day storage plan, even if it’s an add on.

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I’m willing to trade :raccoon: nightly outdoor footages (whenever possible) for recurring $89 yearly camplus unlimited.

Yeah definitely don’t wanna blow out anyone’s budget. Subscriptions are already out of control haha. Shocked at how much Netflix is these days. Painful.

What if we did the best of both worlds? Kept the price of the unlimited plan the same but offered an add-on of additional storage for 60 days for like an extra $5 a month or $50 a year?

I’m just spitballing here. Have to look at the numbers to see if that’s even possible.

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