Cam Plus to Cloud?

I had purchased cam plus about 6 months ago when I purchased this camera and I thought that it included recording to cloud but I’ve recently had to take a look at something from a few days prior and I can’t figure out how to locate the footage. I have a 15gb micro sd card in the camera but it only records about 24 hours. How do I access the footage from a few days ago?

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Cam Plus Cloud Upload Events are displayed in the Events tab of the App provided you have enabled Event Recording in the cam settings. These are saved and available on the cloud for 14 days. Be sure that there are no filters set that might be hiding events. The funnel button in the upper right, then Clear All. At the top of the Events tab page, there is a row of numbers to select past calendar dates to look at.

Make sure the cam is actually assigned to a Cam Plus Subscription. Account, Services, Cam Plus.

A 16GB SD Card is a bit small for continuous recording. I would suggest a 256GB High Endurance card which should get you in excess of 21 days continuous. Or, change your SD recording settings to Motion Events to conserve space. All SD video that is recorded is available thru the “Playback” buttons in the Cam Live View or the Event Player UI.