If I use this as a 24/7 continuously recording camera, how much of it gets saved to the cloud?

If I use this as a 24/7 continuously recording security camera and buy a large SD card to go with it, I know that the footage will get stored on the SD card but does it also get stored in the cloud? If so, then how many hours of that footage gets stored in the cloud? All of it? Because 14 days of cloud storage in the Cam Plus subscription would mean that it would store 336 hours (14 days worth) of continuous footage for me. Will it really do that?

The cloud only records events and Not the Continuous Video that the SD does.


Cloud storage depends on a few factors, and bryonhu summarized well: Only whatever counts as an “event” gets uploaded to the cloud.

Now what counts as an event can vary a little bit. For a V3 camera, if you use no subscriptions, then it won’t store any videos to the cloud, just a thumbnail image once every 5 minutes maximum when it detects motion (based on your sensitivity and detection settings).

If you use Cam Plus light, then it will store a 12 second cloud recording as often as 12 seconds every 5 minutes maximum instead of a thumbnail image.

If you use cam plus, then it will record video to the cloud as long as there is ongoing motion happening. If motion stops, the recording upload stops. Note that motion or no motion is based on your sensitivity and detection settings.

In the app settings of the MicroSD Card, there is an option to toggle “Continuous” or “Events Only”. If I set that to “Continuous” and subscribe to Cam Plus, would that be considered one large event and allow me to store 336 hours (14 days worth of continuous video) in my cloud account?

For my use, there is going to be almost continuous motion for around 9 hours per day. In 14 days that would amount to 126 hours. Even if I toggle that setting to “Events Only” and the camera records by motion detection only, will a Cam Plus subscription really allow me to store 126 hours in my cloud account or is there a limit? Do you or do you know anyone that has a Wyze cloud account that has over 126 hours of footage?

I frequently do on a few of my cameras, partially depending on the time of year. I have some cameras that often have constant motion because of things in their view. Including a pool that constantly has waves and reflections of the light and shadows, etc (more so in the spring, summer, and fall when the water isn’t frozen over though). Or when there is a constant storm for several days straight.

The way cam plus works is, as long as there is sufficient motion (enough pixels changing) within the detection zone, it will record to the cloud. If motion lasts more than 5 minutes, then it will break up the event into 5 minute chunks. So every 5 minutes it will close and restart a new event without missing any frames. So if you have constant motion the entire 24 hours straight, there will be 288 events that are all 5-minutes in length. If you have constant motion for 14 days, that would be 4,032 events in 5-minute chunks.

So yes, you are correct that you could technically have up to 336hours worth of recorded video on the cloud (assuming you have a good router, ISP, upload bandwidth, constant motion, etc).

That setting only applies to SD card recording. It doesn’t affect cloud event recording.