So so so confused

I am so confused. I have an app on my iPhone and an account on my laptop. why aren’t they connected? are they the same thing? I have cam v3. how much storage do I get without the monthly extra fee? is there a sd card for this cam? what would it do for me. I am so so confused.

I have the iOS app on my iPhone, iPad and I did have an android app on my Dell laptop and they were all the same and connected. Maybe you didn’t use the same user name and password ? Storage is the same with or without extra fees. Without cam plus (Extra fee) all of your 12 second events will be saved on the cloud server for 14 days. The extra fees allow you to record longer event videos to the cloud storage but they too will only remain for 14 days. A micro SD card in the cam allows for continuous recording 24/7, event only recording as long as the event continues and also time lapse recording. Get a 64GB card or larger and put it in the cam and set to continuous recording which you can view in playback. Once the card gets full it will start writing over the oldest events. Read some information here especially the FAQ.


thank you so much for explaining so clearly!

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And use good quality High Endurance cards.