Video Saving on Cloud or SD Card?

With Cam Plus Unlimited, do my event recordings get saved to the cloud or to the Micro SD card? If to the Micro SD card, what happens if the card gets full? Does it just write over the oldest saved data or does it stop saving the recording to the card?

Your events will be stored in the cloud, in your Events tab. I believe for 14 days. If you have an SD Card it will use the card as an additional storage to the cloud and will overwrite the oldest when it gets full.

A lot of us, with Cam Plus and SD Cards, use continuous recording on the card and the events will appear in the events area as well, tagged appropriately.

Also Note: When you are viewing the events, in the event tab, you can click the Playback option in the bottom (SD Card icon, assuming you have a card in the camera) and the playback will shift to the card and jump to that point in time on the card. Makes for easy reviewing, especially when you have continuous recording going on.


Thank you so much!!!