Sd card recording events

when recording to sd card, do I need to erase it everyday, or will it just write over previous recordings when it needs space?

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The oldest footage on the card will be overwritten by the newest footage when the card is nearly full. Which is why having SD cards in the camera that can handle the overwrite cycles will prolong its life. I highly recommend high endurance SD cards.

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It will write over the oldest file first, loop recording. Which camera? What size card are you using? Event recording or Continuous?

Thanks. That’s what I thought, I just wanted to make sure. It’s a pain deleting events every day. Now I can stop doing that. :>)

You may be looking at the cloud events if you’re in the event tab. Cloud recording and local SD card recording are separate functions.

Retention on the SD card depends on your SD card size, your quality settings and your recording settings. Like I stated above, once the SD card is full, the oldest recording is overwritten by the newest recording.

If you were actually talking about the event tab and the cloud recording, those events are automatically deleted after 14 days.

I guess I was referring to the event tab. I just assumed all the events were written to the sd card also.

Depends on your settings for whatever camera you are using. But cloud and local recording are seperate functions. But like I said. Your events in the cloud will be deleted automatically 14 days after their upload time.